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This is an up and coming technology that is already being used that could possibly be useful to those that are in a group home setting. This could possibly be considered for their individual apartments. I want to promote this item but It wouldn’t be applicable to me. This is the website that they suggested for all of Ohio.

I don’t know if it is in any other area yet. It will be eventually. I know it will be hard for some families to talk to their support system about this but I’m thinking don’t worry because it’s just like they are there but there are not many limiting factors. For example if you want it done a certain way I’m pretty sure they can figure out that particular way to do it. It may take trial and error but they will get it. They will work with you until they do. This eliminates a lot of turnover. From what I understand when they need somebody it’s usually the same person day or night. That your loved one is used to. This system is all paid for out of Medicaid. It will depend on your loved ones cap. Whether you pay for it or not. Usually though it is cheaper than having staffing at home all the time or even just sometimes. I really found it useful and I hope you use it on even though I couldn’t use it. I really found it insightful. It seems very cost efficient.

I always am looking for stuff to research and tell my fellow readers about. So if you ever have some information you would like to share with me feel free to comment on any of my posts about anything. My door is always and will always remain open to you guys. I want this website to be more about the people who read it not just me. I have been kind of biased towards roman catholics but that is all I really know. So if you have something in your religion that you think would apply to everyone feel free to put it in a comment and I’ll look it up and post whatever you guys put up there as long as I feel it applies to everyone. Which I am a very easy guy to get along with so don’t be afraid to offend me because I have found more things enlighten me than offend me. Sorry about going on this long rant but I feel like all you people need a voice too and sometimes you’re afraid to put your voice out there. Don’t be afraid. Your loving brother in Christ.



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Being handicapped is one of the hardest things to deal with.  Especially after an accident, because you don’t know what to expect. I am not saying that being handicapped all your life is easier or harder. When you have something and lose it, it can be hard to cope with. Below are a few resources to help you.

Ohio State Medical Center

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DogFest Columbus 2016 : Craft’s Crew – DogFest

Source: DogFest Columbus 2016 : Craft’s Crew – DogFest

This is an organization I really believe in and I am currently on my third dog from them. Last year I was able to have a bunch of supporters come out and join me on the walk itself, if you can’t walk that day will you please consider donating to my cause? Please put my name down in support of Jonathan Craft when donating I think you can just click on my name. You will still be able to write  your donation off as a tax deduction. I get a prize for my donation efforts if they are credited under my name, if the donation is placed without my name it only goes towards my team efforts which does not apply to my prize. Thank you for considering a donation. No donation is to big or to small.

Jonathan Craft

I want to tell you guys about something I am involved with and started.

It is a program called Sluggers Little League. It is a nonprofit organization for Auglaize and Shelby county,in Ohio. It is for handicapped kids that don’t get to play baseball or any other sports because they are handicapped. They usually play 3 innings, and because they are handicapped they all get to play and bat. There are no outs counted, therefore no scores are kept. Some of the players even have buddies to assist them in batting and making it around the bases.

However, it is a nonprofit organization so therefore it is run by donations. We were a little bit down on donations this year and at one point in time I put a post on here for players and donations, however this season has already started. We can’t take on new players at this time. It is basically for Auglaize and Shelby county, but we can take players from all over as long as they don’t have a league of this type in their county. But, they would also be willing to drive to our games which are mostly always in Auglaize or Shelby county. Players have to have a doctor’s slip telling us what condition they have, that will be in the paperwork when we get it sent out to new and returning players.

Unfortunately in the past couple years we haven’t grown in size, we have just been maintaining our size. This is fine with us however, we would like to see it grow. We would also like to see our bank account increase every year with donations. No donation is to big or too small. Every donation we get is put to good use and is tax deductible. We do not have a website, but we do have a facebook page in which you can reach us. We would be glad to assist you, whether it’s in helping you with a donation or sending out information next year. However, we do not take credit cards. Thank you for your consideration.

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Jonathan Craft

Nike Expands Shoe Line For People With Special Needs

Nike Expands Shoe Line For People With Special Needs