Nov 20 – Homily – Fr Joachim: The Lament of Jesus

Nov 20 – Homily – Fr Joachim: The Lament of Jesus.

Jesus visit into Jerusalem was a gracious visitation of God’s anointed King to his Holy city.  Jerusalem’s lack of faith and rejection of the Messiah, lead to its destruction.  Jesus is hope of the world.  He has truly reconciled us with God and one another with his death and his resurrection breaks down the walls.

We have to keep those walls broken down.  It is our duty to do such.  Do not allow those walls to get in between us and God.   God doesn’t judge us to be hateful.  He judges us so that we may learn from it, and to enforce upon us it his will we are set to follow .  So we have to try our hardest to follow his will.  When we let our God into our life everyday.  In can and will be a good day.

Whenever you think the devil is creeping in to your life.  Say ” in Jesus name, devil be gone”.  He will then have to leave.

God gave us a time and a place to repent and confess our sins.  But, not to many people take the time or the effort to make their souls pure.  I think a pure soul is key.

My challenge to you  i go to church and confess your sins and repent.  It might be easier to repent your sins first.  Take and gather all of your sins to the top or in otherwise the front of your mind before entering confession.  Do whatever the priest says for repentance.  If you don’t think you can do the repentance assigned to you, you’re allowed to ask for a different one.  Not to many people are aware of that.

If you’re not Catholic.  Just ask for your creator’s forgiveness.  He will forgive you.  He many not wipe your soul completely clean, but he will do his best to help you if you put forth the initiative to ask for his help.

God Bless you as always you followers will be in my prayers, your brother in Christ, Jon.

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Nov 18 – Homily – Fr Joachim: Feast of Two Basilicas

Nov 18 – Homily – Fr Joachim: Feast of Two Basilicas.

What happened to the Catholic way of life?  It went by the wayside.  Starting with people opening their doors on Sundays to do business, what happened to the sabbath.  Is the sabbath going away? unfortunately I think it is.  Unfortunately I think, too many people don’t trust in God.  Too many people are falling away from their faith.  Are you sitting in the pews on Sunday, I bet half of you are, and half of you are not.  For those of you that are not it’s a shame.  Because you are supposed to worship your God for who he is, not your money God, not your game God: not oh well there is a game on, so we have to watch it.  The game can be recorded.   We are just lucky that we don’t have to provide for the priest anymore, or their would be no more priest left.  It used to be what we give to sacrifice some of our own food for the priest to eat, we are just lucky we don’t have to sacrifice some of our own food, and our own clothes.  I know it wasn’t that drastic but it would’ve been people.  That’s why they used to have communion gates, so the animals could be kept on the other side of the fence.  But now we have another problem, now the mass attendance is going down.  So we don’t need as many priests, but still we need some priests.  Not to many people want their kid to become  religious as to become a priest.  What’s wrong with that, is our faith is going to eventually suffer.  Because, there are not enough men and women for that matter are answering the call to be a deacon, priest, or a sister.  Because they think, “if I become a priest, Mom and Dad will be mad at me, or Mom and Dad won’t pay for my schooling”  or they’re thinking Mom and Dad will disown me, the truth is today’s society is like that.  It shouldn’t be that way because if it is like that too much longer our faith will become non-existent.  It will only be celebrated when we can find a priest to celebrate it, that’s not a way to treat our God.  Our God want’s mass to be celebrated as often as it can be celebrated not when we can just find a priest to celebrate it, as well as a place we won’t be punished by, by our non-Christian counter parts.  Which all our non-Christian counterparts needs to slowly become Christian.  So people don’t be afraid to share your faith and your believes about God and in God to those people, to anyone you pass on the street.  What I think everyone needs to do, is start caring some pocket bibles with them, maybe some rosaries with you, and don’t be afraid to hand them out to anyone you meet on the street.  Because after all God wants us to become one family in Christ.  to be like brothers and sisters.   He wants us to treat the other people on this Earth like our own brothers and sisters, not like strangers.  I know it is hard to talk to just anyone that is a stranger, because you don’t know what they are going to do these days.  But, you are not supposed to be afraid to do that.  If you are, that’s a shame, but I can see why.  It still doesn’t change, it only takes one person to change somebody’s attitude.  So even if they were thinking about doing something bad, maybe you could be that one to change their mind.  Maybe you will be the one that changes their life forever, who knows, maybe you will be the one that saves somebody life just by talking to the homeless person on the street, or the people who look like they have crime written all over their face.  Who know, only God knows.  Only God knows how many lives you change, or do not change.  So let’s go out and change today’s society one person at a time.  If you see a homeless person on the street, give them a couple bucks or a couple of minutes, or just say hi to them.  You may make their day.  Even though they may look grumpy and they may look hard up for clothes, cash, and food.  They are God’s creation too.  We have to remember that.  We have to remember all of us were put on this Earth for a reason.  What we choose to do or not to do will be on our file when we reach Heaven.  Believe me, I do not have all good check marks under my name.  I know many people who think I do, but I pull wool over some people’s eyes.  Some people know me for who I really am.  Some people know me as Saint Jon.  Let me tell you now, you got the wrong first impression of me.  Because I am not Saint, as I know none of you are perfect so that is why all of you are still in my prayers as I hope I am in yours.  Your brother in Christ Jon.

Marriage is key to culture

We have to go about marriage like God planned it, otherwise we won’t have children to carry on our legacy.  We have man and one woman, we don’t have man/man, we don’t have woman/woman.  We have to keep our society on the right track.  Right now it’s going on the wrong track.  So far on the wrong track, I don’t know if we will ever get it back.  But, we need to try for our family.  For our one family in Jesus Christ.  I don’t know what is going to happen to the gay couple that have babies, but I don’t want to be there to see what happens.  I know the babies won’t be judged, but the parents will be.  I am not the one judging them either, it will be God that will be judging them, not me.  Whatever happens on this Earth I am not going to judge for.  Or I will try not to judge for it, as I will eventually get judged for judging if I judge against others.  As you all know, you will always be in my prayers.  If you are lost please visit Love you all, Jonathan Craft.