How many people think they are lucky every time they wake up?

  Not to many people think they are lucky every time they wake up.  Besides people with a handicap or a disease.  They are happy every time they wake up, every time they breath a new breath, and when you ask them to do something special they are happy to do so.    They remember it like it was yesterday.  They may not remember all the details but they do remember it.  Like for me, when I was asked to be a god parent for the fist time I took great pride in that.  I was like why would they ask me?  but then I knew, it was because they saw something in me that I wasn’t seeing at that point.  They saw how faithful  I was they wanted a good role model for their child.  Another time I felt great pride was the day my brother asked me to be in his wedding as his best man.  Later I found out that I was his best man because I was one of his best friends.  Another time I felt great pride was when my sister asked me to be in her wedding.  She did not know how much that meant to me, they do not know how much that meant to me!  But that means a lot to me.  They don’t know how many times I look up and start praying for them because they are a symbol of my great pride and love going out to the world like the first time the Easter candle is lit on that first Easter night that is supposed to keep burning until Christ comes again.  Being  handicap is a way to spread that joyous occasion.  When we think about joyous occasions we learn to spread God’s love throughout the world.  So today let us think about some joyous occasion in our life and go out and spread God’s word to the rest of the world as God intended us to.  

Things you should avoid if you have a swallowing problem

  Peas, corn, peanuts, popcorn, jello, mixed food and as in mixed foods I mean food items with different textures or consistencies such as mashed potatoes and meat mixed together in one bite.  You should always separate food.  Things you can do to help this problem is take smaller bites, take your time, make sure your mouth is clear before you take another bite.  If you continue to have problems, seek a speech therapists advise as well as a doctor’s advice.  One thing that can also help if you have swallowing problems is a suction machine and a percussion vest.  For after you get  the aspirated food out. A percussion vest helps you get the remaining mucous out of you chest and lungs.  for those items you have to have a doctors prescription and not to many people know about the percussion vest  for other than a couple disabilities.  But for my own use this has been helpful for my own life.  The percussion vest has actually helped me get over pneumonia so if you have a problem with pneumonia with your CP this could be helpful too.         

Mental Health

  No matter what your disability is or how old you are if you have a disability you should be seeing a mental health counselor regularly because being handicap is a hard thing to deal with.  As some of you know most handicaps have learning disabilities also.  They can both be difficult to deal with by themselves alone, together as a couple makes it even harder and even more difficult.   If you have dreams for yourself, don’t give up on them!  Some dreams are difficult but all dreams are never to hard to give up.   Some dreams you have to change as time goes on but change is not bad!  Dreams are goals to look forward to, if you don’t have goals it’s way too easy to give up.  Some goals are not achievable but not all goals are that way.  Some goals are achievable but you have to do them in a different way.   A mental health councilor would be able to help you learn how to achieve some of your goals and will help you with your depression.  Depression isn’t bad all people have it, it’s just learning how to deal with it that is the trouble.  

Equestrian therapy

This is therapy for all kinds on a horse of course!  They ride around on a horse in an arena and they do have activities in the arena such as reaching up and petting the horse. If they can they can hold the reigns.  It does wonders for separating legs if they have tight legs.  They do have activities as a class but  they learn to follow each other so it’s not as physical it’s mental activities too.  And they do have side walkers so you don’t have near the worries of a kid falling off a horse if they have a little to no balance, because the side walkers can assist with their balance if they need it.  The hardest part about this is finding a place that does it in your area.  If the teacher doesn’t think your child can do it they will tell you up front, because they are professionals.     


  Is obamacare trying to kill the disabled population as well as the elderly population?  Why do I think this you might ask?  Because as soon as obamacare gets all into effect we will be like Canada.  We will die waiting for surgery.  And also if you get a disease in your eyes they will tell you as long as you have one eye your good until both eyes are affected then it will be to late and who wants to live with only one eye, that’s like living with only one side of your body.  Who want’s to do that?  NOBODY!  And the worst part of it is all the past president and current president as well as the senators are exempt.  So what does that tell me, only the rich get out of this as well as those whom are popular.  It’s like all the people that have a name get paid for their name.  What is all this about?  When is his name calling going to stop, when is the segregation going to stop, I know it stopped for colored people but it hasn’t stopped all the way.  It has to stop all the way, I don’t think it will ever stop.  So question is what are we going to do about it?  

Things I would suggest

fun with dyna

fun with dyna (Photo credit: Tafkabecky (Becky Bokern))

If your looking for ideas to help your child cope with her/his disability.  I would suggest a good chiropractic center as well as a good acupuncturist.  A good massage therapist is beneficial as well as physical therapy, speech therapy, and hydrotherapy if your child is not afraid of water and can handle the temperature of the water.   If they can’t handle the temperature you should try a wet suite.   If your child can’t communicate a communication device is highly recommended and if you can go through schools they have to provide them.  If your child isn’t on the individual education plan I highly recommend it if your having issues such as what I have been talking about I highly recommend that you look into them.  A lot of schools call them IEP’S.  A lot of these things I have benefited from otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending them.   I suggest googling dynavox!  I also suggest if your child has incontinence issues  you might look into depends so you don’t have to change their clothes all the time.  Where I get them from is ActiveStyle.  If you have medicare they might pay for them, but they will deliver right to your door.  And they do have  other medical supplies I don’t know what all they do have, it’s there if you need it.  The depends I find in the store don’t hold half as well and they don’t hold odor as well.  These I find hardly ever leak if they do it’s because I let them get to saturated.  Another thing I would suggest is you have  mobility issues is a wheelchair or crutches/walker it depends on your childs needs.  For help on this I would seek a therapists advice.  They will know what you will need and where to get it at in your area.


Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have someone with a disability if you can wait for up to two years I recommend you get on the list for a canine companion for independence and if you go to their website it will explain it to you more………You do have to have a documented disability.  But the dogs do help you deal with self esteem issues as well as several physical aspects too.

If you are handicapped

  If you are handicapped you have to have a great support system and you have to not be afraid to say no.  When you think their  doing something wrong you have to not be afraid to say no to  the people that have authority over you, and you also have to not be afraid to get a second opinion.   Or say  your paying for their services like your doctor’s you have to not be afraid to say no to  their treatments.  If you are afraid to say no you are doing a dis-service to yourself and to the people you love.  Because it could be your life you have in your hands!   So don’t be afraid to search for a good support system or good doctors as I always say “money doesn’t matter when it comes to a life”, and your family is your best support system!   


If God was to say you can pick any cross in this room and he was to put your cross by the wall how many of us would say ” this cross is to heavy, this cross is to light, and we would be honest and say ” I want this cross”  and then he would say that was your cross to begin with.  I think way to many people think the grass is greener on the other side until they are on the other side.  And then they realize maybe this isn’t where I wanted to be?  How many times do you think ohh this would be better that would be better, why don’t we just concentrate on what we have in front of us until we are in heaven with our Heavenly Father?   I think a lot of us are afraid of what is going to happen when we go for judgement!  I think we will be so overwhelmed that we won’t know what to say when he tells us well done good and faithful servant!