Who else thinks that gays and lesbians shouldn’t be allowed to have kids?  I do because that’s not a way to raise a child.  Only way to raise a child is to have it the way God intended it to be Man and Woman.  Not woman and woman and not men and men.  Kids need a man and a woman in their life because that’s the way God intended it to be, otherwise their whole whole life they’re going to ask questions between what is right and what is wrong, and why do I have two parents that are the same sex, why do I have a mommy and no daddy, and why do I have two mommies or two daddy’s.  It should be on an adoption application, I know that’s profiling.  But if were going to allow these kind of things to happen then we have to put those kind of things on these application, because if we are going to allow these kind of things to continue then why not start  their kid off on the right foot,  And enter them into counseling as soon as possible  or why not put the it on the government tab while were at it?   If they’re going to make Catholic people pay for adoptions why not just continue the trend?  I think this all needs to stop .  We need to stop name calling and profiling like I just did and face up to what is right and wrong and fix the problems that we have.  But first and foremost we need to figure out how were going to make  this nation under God  get along even if we have to combine other countries we need to quit our fighting and get along.    After all we are all made from the same creator, I do not care who believes it and who doesn’t believe it -we are created from the same creator.  He did not make countries.  He made one Nation, He made the earth one creation at a time until he was absolutely happy and content with the way the world was.  He did not make Eve eat the apple, God made Eve have freedom in the world, and because of that we have to deal with temptation to sin and disobey God.    God has been  disobeyed many of times,   but who says we have to continue to disobey god?  Nobody does.  It’s alright every once in a while but we don’t have to continue with it.  So who is like me and wants to try to make this world a better place and obey God?

I don’t think the US has a government

I don’t think the US has a government I think the US has a dictatorship, because I feel like we don’t have any freedom at all.  They’re talking about taking away our guns, their talking about government health care, and now they’re talking about same sex marriage.   Do we have to put up with this, no we do not.  But will we, yes because nobody thinks one person can change a big government  and you are right.  One person can’t change a big government  but it has to start somewhere, or it’s never going to change.  We need to stand up for our religious rights in all countries not just the US.  I don’t think it should matter where your from. We should all have the same rights that everybody else has.  God doesn’t judge  people, so why do we?  We can’t choose where were born, so why are we even trying to choose where were from?  We are all born into the same world, we all live in the same world, we all are going to die under the same blue sky.  So why does it matter to us whether were white or black, or which nationality were from?  Or how sane we are?  Just as long as we have the smarts to stop one person from getting all the control like a dictator.  Many people should have different rules in our world and people should be able to stand up for themselves when they feel they have been robbed of their rights.

Never to be left alone

I know this is common sense but no handicap person should be left alone.  Without a way to contact authorities they can’t get out.  If they aren’t able to contact their authorities without help they should never be left alone.  Sometimes they should never be left alone in a hospital even, I know that seems strange.  Especially if they can’t communicate because parent’s know their children best.  And parent’s are going to be able to catch if anything is going on sooner than the doctor will be able to.  

If your looking for a good quality stroller like device

I recommend Wike.  They are a little pricey but it depends on how much your handicap person weighs rather if  you want to think about this or not.  But it is a good quality device if they are under the weight specifications, and they do make every stroller when you order it.  So it’s not like their mass produced.  You see other strollers like this but I don’t think they are the same quality or hold this much weight.  And they do hook up to a bike.  This is an easy to maneuver stroller, it has 3 bicycle type wheels on the front and 2 in the back.

W/c equipment

If your looking for a place in your area for a good wheelchair device Ed Homan might be able to help you.  He has a lot of wheelchair knowledge and a lot of adaptation equipment.  Even if he’s not in your area I am pretty sure he would be willing to try to lead you to someone in your area that can help.  But at least he’s someone that will talk to you and try to fix your problems.  

Organizations I wish we didn’t need

  Adoption centers, St. Judes, because nobody should have to go through the hardships they go through.  It is kinda like I said before something bad has to happen to good people to bring the good out in other people.  I think we all wish that your children didn’t have to be involved at least I do.  Because those things are hard for adults let alone kids.  I could not imagine sitting at an adoption center and thinking ” am I ever going to get adopted?”  Or sitting at St. Jude’s medical center wondering if the treatment is going to make me better or if it is even going to work at all.  So what I want people to do is pray for the unfortunate in these type of places.  Thank God we have these type of places for these people to go but in all reality these type of circumstances shouldn’t be happening at all, but yet they do all over America not just the United States.