Mother Angelica

Yesterday was the first anniversary of Mother Angelica’s death. She is still working her magic down on the earth.  I hope that I have such a lasting impression on this earth. I know that she is not a saint yet.  Many of the saints have  lasting impressions. God wants all of us to live as a saint. My question to you is, how are you going to live out your life to be a saint?

Below is a link about the life of Mother Angelica.

Catholic Mass 3-22-17


Prayers are needed for churches to be able to maintain the same status they already have and so we don’t have to go into hiding to celebrate our religion we have come to enjoy.

Please pray for all those who are in the hospital and those just being discharged from the hospital. May they be comforted in their time of dismay.

Please pray for those that are currently looking for jobs, that they may find a job and be able to retain it.

Please pray for those that don’t have any faith at all, may they come to know Christ as we know him.