Take a moment in your day and reflect on the little stuff not the big picture.

Take a moment in your day and evaluate the small stuff, don’t take the small stuff for granted. Sometimes the small stuff is what you rely on the most. Sometimes the small stuff isn’t what you think about at all. You don’t tend to think about if this person wasn’t here, what would I do? Even if you don’t see them but a couple of times a year, your life will still change when they are not here anymore. Especially if it is sudden and unexpected. I really enjoyed this past weekend. It really took me back and made me realize who’s supporting me, how many people supported me. and how many people weren’t there but support me in everything that I do. That says a lot. I have a great support system and I hope everybody that reads my blog does so as well. If you followers ever don’t feel like you have anybody to lean on, I know we haven’t met but contact me and you will have somebody to lean on. Peace out, as always I am praying for you!

Your Brother in Christ, Jon.