Conception to natural death, why don’t the doctors belive in such a thing?

It makes me mad, mostly because I am a handicap individual and I feel like they are targeting the handicap.  The ones that are sick with aids and cancer which I know are two in the same thing, which I don’t know why they don’t classify it as the same thing because truly once you have aids it’s going to eventually turn into cancer.  Honestly I believe they don’t know how cancer is  truly caught or transferred.  I think they do know part of it, but not all of it.  Like someone can be as healthy as a horse, and not smoke a day in their life yet get lung cancer.  The next person can smoke, and be the healthiest person on God’s green earth and never get sick hardly a day in their life.  When they are sick, they are over it just like that.  So that tells me that smoking doesn’t have anything to do with cancer.

It’s truly a weak immune system that gives you cancer.  The truth is everybody has a little bit of cancer in their bodies, but their body can fight it off.  It’s when you have a weak immune system that you get cancer.  I am going to tell you one thing that you probably don’t relaize, cancer is just a fungus.  It you take a fungus under a microscope and you take cancer under a microscope you can’t tell a difference.  So what that tells me that cancer is just a fungus that is going out of control.  If the doctors would just realize this, and treat it like it really is, get a way to clear up all the fungus in the body than cancer would go away.  But, instead they have to treat cancer with the two things that I think kill people, radiation and chemo.  Here is some proof that I am not making it up, so many articles are for it and against it.  But, I keep thinking that this person truly knows what he is talking about.  I truly believe that we have to watch what we do, and watch what we take from the doctors because a lot of doctors are just treating the symptoms not the true disease.  Each symptom they give you a different antibiotic.

The one true doctor is Jesus Christ himself, that’s the only Dr.  I trust!  I trust the chiropractor because they have got something there that truly works, I don’t fully understand it but if you keep yourself free of stresses, toxins, and sublixations you feel a lot better off.  One way to do this is to learn how to handle these things and take care of them when they happen and after they happen as well as doing it when it happens, you will be a lot better off.  Belive it or not, we are what we think and the environment does evolve around what we think.  If we think we are going to get sick, we will.  If we keep our head clean and our thoughts clean we probably won’t get sick.  I say probably because there is always a chance it won’t work.  But we, I can’t stress we are what we think and eventually those thoughts will get to become true.  If we think about it long enough.  If we clear our chakra’s we will be free of disease.  One way you can do this, is find a chiropractor that specializes in B.e.s.t  Not saying this is a cure to cancer or anything but it’s a good place to begin with a fresh outlook on life.  Maybe belive you me it takes a fresh mind when you go into this.  But, it truly does work.  Sometimes you may succeed with something you didn’t think you would ever succeed with.  To tell you the truth, I was dying physically and mentally when I when I found this technique, and it’s got me turned around to where I can actually live a daily life and be happy with the daily life that I am living.  Before I went into this, I went to Cleveland Clinic for answers that’s how bad I was.  Not saying they are a bad place, but I am still waiting on a reply from them and that was 2001.  So in other words, they are just waiting on me to die.  In other words they are saying he’s a lost cause, which is probably the reason why I don’t trust doctors.  If I would have waited for them, I would still be in a neck brace.  That’s what they sent me home in, and I am out of the neck brace because of this B.e.s.t technique, and because I go to one of 3 chiropractor offices that treats c1 and c2 sublixations  In fact I would trust them with my life, in fact I do trust them with my life, which I already probably said before.  Not everybody going to do the B.e.s.t. technique the same, but if they have an understanding of it they will do a remotely good job.

The other thing I really trust is acupuncture, not everybody can take it.  But, it ahs worked in the past for me.  What I think is you can never leave a rock unturned when it’s about your health.  So it you’re not happy with one opinion go get another one, until you’re happy with what you are being told.  because after ll they do call doctors professionals of practice, and a practice is what it is!  Because after all they are human beings, they are not God’s like some of them think they are.  So don’t ever treat them like they are.  Don’t ever take their words as final words, especially if they say you’re going to die.  That’s only for god to know.  God will tell you in his own time, not your time, but his own time.  Peace be with you, Jon.

Too many vaccines……..

This is an article and what it’s saying is outright sick, because I know what many other people know.  They do have an affect.  I think the doctors are just trying to cover it up, or they wouldn’t let you spread them out.  Like some doctors are starting to do, not many but some doctors are starting to do that.  The one’s that care but we are having trouble finding doctors that care about their patients now, excuse me but that’s the truth.  It’s just sickening.

Plugged In: Does Measles Outbreak Change Your Mind About Vaccines?

Does any outbreak change my mind about vaccines, no until science figures out everything that there is to know about vaccines to know, you know they won’t. So no matter what they do or what disease has a breakout you will always know my position on vaccines. If they are delivered one by one and they are dormant thats fine. But if it is a live vaccine then no body would give that to a child. Or if they were all given in one setting then nobody wouldn’ve given them to a child because there is a lot more risk involved if it’s a live vaccine or they are given more than one at a time. This won’t be the end of this discussion on my blog this is just the beginning. So keep following and you will keep learning about vaccinations.

(CNN) — Sixty-eight and counting.

An outbreak of measles in Ohio has infected 68 people, adding to what is already an 18-year high of measles cases in the United States.

That’s disturbing news for health professionals. The contagious infectious disease was considered eliminated in the United States in 2000.

The outbreak in Ohio began with unvaccinated travelers to the Philippines, the state’s Department of Health said Monday.

Philippines is experiencing a very large measles outbreak; at least 20,000 confirmed and suspected cases have been reported in the Asian nation.

California, another state also reporting a high number of measles cases this year, said its outbreak also resulted from people visiting the Philippines.

Visitors may pick up the disease and bring it back to the United States, potentially infecting those who cannot be vaccinated against the measles because they are too young, for example, or who have intentionally remained unvaccinated.


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Flesh-eating ‘Zombie’ Drug Kills From The Inside Out

This is not a safe drug, but what is a safe drug?

(CNN) — A flesh-eating drug that turns people into zombie-like creatures seems to have made its way to the United States.

This extremely addictive injectable opioid is called krokodil (pronounced like crocodile) or desomorphine. It’s so named in part because users report black or green scaly skin as a side effect.

This weekend five people were hospitalized in the Chicago suburb of Joliet, Illinois, with symptoms similar to cases reported recently in Utah, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Dr. Abhin Singla said he suspects a woman he treated this weekend was suffering from krokodil addiction. Singla is an internist and addiction specialist at Joliet’s Presence St. Joseph Medical Center. The patient lost significant portions of her legs, he said.

“It’s a zombie drug — it literally kills you from the inside out,” Singla said. “If you want way to die, this is a way to die.”

Krokodil causes serious damage to the…

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Baclofen Pump

Also another common treatment for muscle spasticity that you have to be aware of the side effects and risks associated with this tx.  In fact there is so many side effects I have thought about it and decided against it.  Mostly because of my weight and the pump catheter dislodging itself from my spine, because they insert the catheter right into the spine.  When you do this you have all kinds of risk involved.  Let alone my weight is so low the pump has the likability of moving around.  Otherwise I think if I were heavier I would do it.  But in the same respect I know a lot of people that haven’t had any problems with it, but it only takes once.  I don’t want to take that chance.  So any new information I find I will share it and I want other people to have the kindness to share it with me.  No matter what you have to go through because this is really important to me.