Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. This is a day when we should be thankful for everybody in our lives. Thankful for the lives that we are living.  We should take this time to remember the ones that are less fortunate. If you know somebody in a dire situation you should always check on them,  but especially today. That is what our heavenly father would want us to do, and you will be rewarded if you do.

Your loving brother in Christ,


Verse for 11-23-16


If Jesus is willing to give his life for us, why shouldn’t we be willing to do anything and everything for him. Including sacrificing your own safety for the protection of another.  Fireman, police officers, military, and those that are specially trained to try to talk somebody into not committing suicide are good examples of this. I know it’s hard but we should strive to be more like these individuals. In my eyes this will ensure you a way into heaven.

Your loving brother in Christ,


The Original Tiny House

I am slowly learning that if you don’t take time for yourself you will get burnt out. Also if you let stress take over your life it can ruin your health. That is why I am reposting this blog.

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


When our children were young, it was evident that we could not take Steven, with his autistic tendencies and severe sensory integration issues, on vacations to touristy hotels in unfamiliar areas. It only took us one trip to New Hampshire when he was a toddler to learn that his disability might be a hindrance for family fun and relaxation.

Never one to back down from a lifetime of vacations, hubby and I went up to NH a few weeks later to search for a home away from home in which Steven could be comfortable. We purchased a small cabin, one which would qualify to be a tiny house on Tiny House Hunters. It is cleverly designed, having 2 bedrooms. The “master” bedroom consists of a double bed inside 4 walls where one has to open the door outwards to crawl onto the bed. The second bedroom had 3 fashionable twin…

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