Things you don’t want to hear your Dr. say

  Ooops!  Where did that go?  That’s going to take a while to fix. That’s going to never be the same again.  Whoops go get another Dr! What’s that mean?  Was that me?  Come here quick!  A big crash on the floor that was your doctor fainting.  Do we know how to do this ourselves?  What was I doing again?  Where am I?  How long can I do this?  Do I have to do this?  I don’t think we can get that out!  Oops did I leave that in there?  Are you sure you counted everything right?  Is that what I think it is?  Help I can’t see!  Can you turn that up as in a suctioning machine?  We need more blood but we don’t have it.  Is that number what I think it is?    

NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Was Almost Poisoned

I can’t say this enough “what is this world coming to?” We always have to watch our back because of the threat of terrorism is obvious. The president in the white house isn’t doing enough or are they doing enough? either way you look at it we have to protect ourselves. I’m not a doomsday prepper but we have to be ready for the last days because it is obviously coming but it’s not going to tell us what’s up. The government is only going to tell us what they want us to hear not the whole entire story, I wonder what the rest of the story is? This is not the end it is just the beginning and this wasn’t the beginning either it is a continuation.

Is anything sacred?

  Is anything sacred? no, not unless your talking to your animals who don’t have a voice.  But even then if they did have a voice they are so loyal to you that everything thing you said would remain a secret.  


How many people think they can lead handicapped people by their arm?  Or attach kids to a leash like a dog?  I got the answer……..nurses or anybody in healthcare, babysitters, or moms!  But how many people classify that as abuse?  Only those people that are made to feel like an animal and those that see children on leashes.

In many cases, animals are more protected than humans. Animals can react to abuse without the threat of prosecution for defending themselves.  But at least  overly aggressive animals are humanly euthanized in a timely fashion.

Should criminals convicted and sentenced to death have a time limit on how quickly the sentence should be carried out.   Not 10 yrs, or  20. The sentence is death not death plus 20 years in prison. Why pretend to have a death sentence if it doesn’t work. Just sentence them to life and avoid the death appeals.

Things I learned the hard way Part3of3

Building versus Destroying Bridges

* Do not attempt to build bridges by yourself.  It goes better with two heads.

* If you burn a bridge it may take twice as long to rebuild, if it can be rebuilt again at all.  and trust me I have a lot of burnt bridges that can’t be rebuilt at all and some of them were stupid mistakes.

* Don’t think this process is easy because it is not.  You have to be on your toes and ready for unseen events that can come up.  You have to be able to revamp your goals.  Even though you think everything is going good, you need to be prepared for events and problems that could go wrong.

*Do Not Sweat the small stuff when bigger issues need addressed!


Things I learned the hard way Part 2of3


*Don’t ever fell as though you are alone.  Because there is always someone that can answer your question.  You may need to search out the right person to receive an answer.

*Don’t let this discourage you.  Because I have found when this happens it is usually the first sign of fear and failure creeping into your head.  From there it can go downhill.

* Don’t be afraid to revamp your goals.  Don’t think of it as a sign of weakness, think of it rather as a learning experience from your mistakes.

Things I learned the hard way Part 1of3

1)Don’t give up on your dreams if they are not feasible

2) Break them down into smaller, obtainable tasks.

* If you do not know how to go about feasible goals, you are going to have a lot of unsuccessful adventures in your life.  Leading you down the wrong path.

* If you know how to break down goals, life will much more satisfying.

For Example

* You have to break up your goals into smaller steps that you can see and achieve

*Do not be afraid if you do not succeed immediately.  Take your time.  Evaluate your failure.  Ask questions of yourself and support system.

*Do not be afraid of having many goals.  Because sometimes one will help you achieve an unrelated goal.

*One of my favorite sayings is “If at first you do not succeed try, try, try again.

* How you can accomplish this is asking for friends and family advice and afterwards evaluate your findings.

*Ask yourself how does this apply to my goals, how will this help me achieve my goals, try making bigger goals into manageable smaller goals.

* Don’t be afraid of change.  Ask for help when your not sure of the next step.

Hazmat situation in MD as train, truck collide

What’s next? God says there would’t be any more floods like Noah’s Ark that wasn’t the end of the disasters. This is what I meant by if we don’t clean up our act God’s going to allow more things to happen like this he’s not unjust we just live in an unjust world. He is not trying to hurt anybody but the ones that die for him will automatically go to Heaven no matter whether they die in a natural disaster or not. I know this is hard for people to grasp it is hard for me to grasp too. Lucky nobody had to die in this one.