Mar 26 – Homily – Fr Alan: Covenant of Life

Mar 26 – Homily – Fr Alan: Covenant of Life.

We are obedient to our God, not to our material goods.  Yeah we have to make money but we don’t have to be the richest person in the world.  We just have to make enough to survive, in today’s society I know that’s hard.  We have to remember the material goods can’t come with us, the money we make can’t come with us either.  Only the people we help by doing good deeds will be taken accounted for when we get up to Heaven.  I have never seen  a hearse with a safe attached to it!  I have never seen money being buried with the deceased either.  So why are we trying to be the richest person on this Earth?  I don’t think it is going to matter who the richest person is, maybe in spirit but not in money.  I haven’t figured out how it works still from spiritual life.  I think only one person knows, that’s Jesus Christ our Savior himself.  After all he is the only one that has to know, we don’t need to know until we get up ther to se him.  He will then let us know, but until then we don’t need to know.