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Location of Fragile X syndrome Clinics in the US.

Fragile X Clinics

you did good

This is family that does very good with special needs children I think once you have a special needs child you figure out very quickly how to adapt. Because you are kind of forced to, your not really forced to but you are suppose to accept all challenges God gives you. And this is one of the challenges they’ve been faced with. And I admire them for that. For coming up to the plate and doing a good job with the ball they’ve been served.

da misfits | ellie m

19 year old Graham, who has Fragile X Syndrome, severe Autism, and is non-verbal is not used to participating in many outdoor activities.  Physically, it is difficult for him to walk around for long periods of time and his coordination is impaired.

We decided to start taking him out to the park to get some exercise – this short video shows an end of a play outing with a super sweet moment between Graham and his dad.

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