Open door policy

Have you ever had things go so wrong that you wish you could do them over?  That’s when I try to seek out people who are stronger than me, that know more than myself.  You know the saying “you have to put people in your circle that are smarter than you”.  So when you are the weakest link in any job, they can sometimes bring you up.  The hardest part of that is knowing when and how to ask for help.  You have to share everything you know and you may not think it is important, however it is.    However big or small it is, you have to be open to sharing or they don’t know what you are thinking, or how to do a project for you.  This is really easy to do if you are the boss, but if you are not the boss you just get thrown in to a circle and have to learn to adjust.  I assume many people who I am talking to this is the case.  Don’t be afraid to seek counseling if you need it.  Sometimes counseling can be the best thing you can do  for yourself.  Just talking it out to another person helps.  You can talk it our to your spouse, children, or friends.  They may not understand it, but I am sure the counselor won’t either.  The counselor may give you ideas, but you have to choose what ideas you use.  It’s up to you anyways.  Your friend, Jon.



Prayers are needed as I have bronchitis, and I don’t want it to turn into pneumonia.  It seems to happen so quick with me because of my handicap, I am unable to move to get the secretions up.  I am not strong enough to cough and bring it up automatically.  Fluid feels up in my lungs, I am having a hard time in the mornings coughing and trying to clear the stuff out.  I have some things to help me.  They are doing the job.  I need prayers because I need patience and guidance on what to do from up above.  I know all I have to do is trust in him, but trusting him when you are down is one of the hardest things you can do.  I know he has my life in his hands.  I just need to give it to him and say to him ” God I can’t handle this, can you help me”.  But sometimes as you know that’s the hardest thing to do.  You want to be in control.  When you don’t have control, you want to go crazy.  That is where I am now.  So excuse me if I don’t do too much right now on this blog.  My health comes first.  Your friend, Jon.

Who I Am

I am not going to apologize for who I am.  As is nobody should apologize for who they are.  Everybody should rejoice whom they are.  For those that have a disability, they may not be able to do the things that they want to do.  Maybe their just a shell, but they are a shell for a reason.  God put everybody on this earth for a reason.  Nobody can take that reason away from him or that person that we may be talking about.  I know this from experience.  I know being handicap may be rough, but it may be somebody’s ticket to heaven including the person that has the handicap.  It may be somebody’s saving grace.  It may be somebody’s only way to heaven.  It may even somebody’s last chance to get to heaven.  For nobody can tell me that God did something wrong when he made a handicap, he made each and every single person to his own liking.  We the handicap, do have a purpose.  I don’t know what that purpose is.  I’m still trying to figure that one out.  I do know we have a purpose as everyone does.  Nobody can take that grace away from us.  It is a grace to be alive everyday!

Will you please share with me?

This is my favorite reading of the gospels.  What is your favorite reading in the gospels?  Or what is your favorite passage in the bible?  Please feel free to tell me, one of my hopes for this blog is to have converstaions back and forth with my readers.  I have yet been able to do that.  On facebook it doesn’t count.  Sorry but it doesn’t count towards my site and not everybody on my blog can see.  Not all of my blog followers can see my facebook.  So please respond to me on my blog.  If you don’t know how, I will post how in one of my later blogs.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I really do appreciate it!  However it would really help me if I had people talking to me back and forth on the blog so I have a reason to keep it up everyday.  It is a bit discouraging when nobody is commenting therefore I loose interest.  I am to that point now, and I don’t want to continue to feel that way.  So I need some help, keeping my blog going.  Will you guys please help me?  I know I have some of you that follow me daily, I’m sorry for not doing it like I was doing it, but this is part of the reason why.  As you know, you will always be in my prayers and thoughts, Jon.

GospelMK 1:14-20

After John had been arrested,
Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the gospel of God:
“This is the time of fulfillment.
The kingdom of God is at hand.
Repent, and believe in the gospel.”

As he passed by the Sea of Galilee,
he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting their nets into the sea;
they were fishermen.
Jesus said to them,
“Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Then they abandoned their nets and followed him.
He walked along a little farther
and saw James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John.
They too were in a boat mending their nets.
Then he called them.
So they left their father Zebedee in the boat
along with the hired men and followed him.

This is not my final home!

I don’t know why people are so stuck on material goods, especially because this is not our final home.  I don’t know why people are stuck on who can make the highest dollar?  It shouldn’t be about making the highest dollar.   Instead it should be on who can spread the most love across this world, who can be the most unselfish people who are on God’s green earth.  I got one group of people who I think fit this very well, firemen and police officers, because they take their life and put it into God’s hands every time they go out on a call.  They do it all unselfishly for other people.  Another group of people is those who fight in the military, because they do the exact same thing as firefighters and officers do.  But, they are the ones with a bigger target on their backs besides officers.  Because they are going out there and they actually put their life in front of a gun on the sole purpose for other people’s freedom as well as theirs.

So what I would like you to do today is thank all the policeman, firefighters, and all the military active/inactive people that we sometimes take for granted.  Actually we don’t know how many people are fighting for our life at any given moment.  They will be fighting for our freedom until we take our last breath.  Yes there is something wrong with that, but that is what todays society is coming too, War.  In the military war or drug war.  I don’t care what it is, somebody will be our there protecting the community when you take your last breath.  Even if there is no military war active at that moment in time.  There will still be somebody fighting for your freedom as you take your last breath.  So don’t you think you better thank them, while you still can?  Today might be your last day, you never know.  As you all know, my prayers and thoughts are always with you no matter where you are in this world.  No matter whose protecting you, my point is somebody has got to be.  Even if you think it’s nobody.  I can’t stress enough there is somebody!  Even if it’s your allies.  Jon.

I bet none of you realize what this week is

I bet none of you realize what this week is, Right to life week.  So I want to have you pray for all the unborn children and all those have been aborted.  As well as all those family members that will be affected by their choice or their unchoice.  In other words it may not be them that says they have it done, it may be their boss.  Which is out right wrong.  Maybe it’s their parents, and that as well is wrong.  Anyway you look at it, abortion is out right wrong.  The reason I am writing this post.

Having friends

Having friends, what are those?  Having friends doesn’t just mean somebody on Facebook.  Having friends means someone you can count on.  It does mean someone you can talk to, but not in the stores, yes it does but no it doesn’t.  Somebody you can call when you’re in a bind, somebody you could even depend on, and somebody that no matter what you ask them to do, they will do it to their best of their ability, that is a friend.  But what if your handicap, how does that affect your social life?  It depends on if your acquaintances just walk by, and never acknowledge you, so you really don’t them but they know you.  Then when they want to, they say hi.  But, they don’t tell you who they are, you have to play the guessing game on who they are.  Sometimes you never know who they are.  I get stuck like that a lot.  Yes, it really drives me nuts because to me those are just acquaintances.  It’s pretty bad when my Dad has more friends than I have.  I have more acquaintances, more people who know my name, than he does.  And he has been working and i haven’t.  Yes, I have more friends on Facebook that I don’t know, than I care to admit.  But, most of them are because of games I used to play.   But, then I got tired of Facebook stuff, like the server going down.  Like interfacing between servers that made the servers go down.  You can’t tell me that these games don’t have private websites.  Because I know they do, but Facebook buys their website, so they can interface and drive people nuts.  Yes, I think I am going crazy.  But, I only have a  handful of friends that I would consider my good friends.that are not because they work with me.  Yeah most of them are, but I would consider them as friends outside of work.  Outside of their scope of work.  I would hope that they would feel the same way about me.  But, that kind of also makes me feel lonely and left out in the lurch when two or more of my support system are out of commission.

Where does that leave me?  Dependent on the ones that are able to be my support system, which I really have a great support system!  But, pretty much when my support system goes down, I have nobody to rely on.  You know me, being the giver that I am, it makes me feel bad when I want to do something about this but it’s kind of impossible when you don’t know your true friends are besides your main family and your extended family.  When you want to help your own family out, but your kind of stuck in a body that makes you feel like you’re in a jail, and I know I am not in a jail, but I physically am trapped where I can’t receive checks.  I can only receive voluntary gifts, such as material goods which I hate material goods, because that makes me feel like I am a materialistic being.  Believe me I don’t usually say bad words, but I really feel like a materialistic dick.  Only because I can’t have money for myself.

I can’t even get a health and life insurance policy so my family is not burdened when I die, if I die before them.  Yes, i am really talkative today.  But, this is all stuff that needs to be out there for the handicap to realize that they are not alone.  For a lot of people to realize they need to step it up a little bit, do something about how they treat the handicap as their friends.  It isn’t enough to just say they are you’re friends unless you act upon it.  So what I am telling you, is please think about who your friends are and think about picking up somebody books and carrying them home, because they may be thinking about doing the unthinkable, and if they were in their right mind they wouldn’t be thinking about it.  Yes, that unthinkable is taking their own life.  Once you have had somebody do that, that you would consider your best friend, you don’t understand what this is all about better.  IT’s not about death.  It’s about enjoying life for what it is!  It’s a gift from God!  Peace be with you, Jon.  I hope you have a blessed day!

Conception to natural death, why don’t the doctors belive in such a thing?

It makes me mad, mostly because I am a handicap individual and I feel like they are targeting the handicap.  The ones that are sick with aids and cancer which I know are two in the same thing, which I don’t know why they don’t classify it as the same thing because truly once you have aids it’s going to eventually turn into cancer.  Honestly I believe they don’t know how cancer is  truly caught or transferred.  I think they do know part of it, but not all of it.  Like someone can be as healthy as a horse, and not smoke a day in their life yet get lung cancer.  The next person can smoke, and be the healthiest person on God’s green earth and never get sick hardly a day in their life.  When they are sick, they are over it just like that.  So that tells me that smoking doesn’t have anything to do with cancer.

It’s truly a weak immune system that gives you cancer.  The truth is everybody has a little bit of cancer in their bodies, but their body can fight it off.  It’s when you have a weak immune system that you get cancer.  I am going to tell you one thing that you probably don’t relaize, cancer is just a fungus.  It you take a fungus under a microscope and you take cancer under a microscope you can’t tell a difference.  So what that tells me that cancer is just a fungus that is going out of control.  If the doctors would just realize this, and treat it like it really is, get a way to clear up all the fungus in the body than cancer would go away.  But, instead they have to treat cancer with the two things that I think kill people, radiation and chemo.  Here is some proof that I am not making it up, so many articles are for it and against it.  But, I keep thinking that this person truly knows what he is talking about.  I truly believe that we have to watch what we do, and watch what we take from the doctors because a lot of doctors are just treating the symptoms not the true disease.  Each symptom they give you a different antibiotic.

The one true doctor is Jesus Christ himself, that’s the only Dr.  I trust!  I trust the chiropractor because they have got something there that truly works, I don’t fully understand it but if you keep yourself free of stresses, toxins, and sublixations you feel a lot better off.  One way to do this is to learn how to handle these things and take care of them when they happen and after they happen as well as doing it when it happens, you will be a lot better off.  Belive it or not, we are what we think and the environment does evolve around what we think.  If we think we are going to get sick, we will.  If we keep our head clean and our thoughts clean we probably won’t get sick.  I say probably because there is always a chance it won’t work.  But we, I can’t stress we are what we think and eventually those thoughts will get to become true.  If we think about it long enough.  If we clear our chakra’s we will be free of disease.  One way you can do this, is find a chiropractor that specializes in B.e.s.t  Not saying this is a cure to cancer or anything but it’s a good place to begin with a fresh outlook on life.  Maybe belive you me it takes a fresh mind when you go into this.  But, it truly does work.  Sometimes you may succeed with something you didn’t think you would ever succeed with.  To tell you the truth, I was dying physically and mentally when I when I found this technique, and it’s got me turned around to where I can actually live a daily life and be happy with the daily life that I am living.  Before I went into this, I went to Cleveland Clinic for answers that’s how bad I was.  Not saying they are a bad place, but I am still waiting on a reply from them and that was 2001.  So in other words, they are just waiting on me to die.  In other words they are saying he’s a lost cause, which is probably the reason why I don’t trust doctors.  If I would have waited for them, I would still be in a neck brace.  That’s what they sent me home in, and I am out of the neck brace because of this B.e.s.t technique, and because I go to one of 3 chiropractor offices that treats c1 and c2 sublixations  In fact I would trust them with my life, in fact I do trust them with my life, which I already probably said before.  Not everybody going to do the B.e.s.t. technique the same, but if they have an understanding of it they will do a remotely good job.

The other thing I really trust is acupuncture, not everybody can take it.  But, it ahs worked in the past for me.  What I think is you can never leave a rock unturned when it’s about your health.  So it you’re not happy with one opinion go get another one, until you’re happy with what you are being told.  because after ll they do call doctors professionals of practice, and a practice is what it is!  Because after all they are human beings, they are not God’s like some of them think they are.  So don’t ever treat them like they are.  Don’t ever take their words as final words, especially if they say you’re going to die.  That’s only for god to know.  God will tell you in his own time, not your time, but his own time.  Peace be with you, Jon.

Sorry Folks

I had some more pressing things on my mind.  This kind of went to the wayside, sorry.  Please forgive me.  I can’t type myself, and all of my helpers have been sick or off work.  But, that’s just part of my disease I have to overcome, and I haven’t figured out a way to do it yet.  Technology hasn’t come that far yet.  I wish it would hurry up!  I need you to pray for my courage to remain the same at my trying time.  It seems like one thing hits, it all hits.  That’s where I am at now.  I think if one more thing hits, I am going to be at my breaking point.  So please pray for me.

One of my downfalls is, taking on other people’s stuff as my own.  That’s something I need to stop, but I haven’t been able to do it since the first time I learned I was doing’ it.  I guess because I’m a giver and not a taker.  Which it’s hard for me because I have to receive help all of the time.  I know this post is all about me, but my message to you is, try not to take what you have for granted because you may not have it the next time you turn around!  If you are a giver like me, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.  Don’t be mad at people when they are trying to help you.  Because that’s not what God wants you to do, God wants you to receive help when you need it.  Most of the time when we’re down on life ourself, we don’t want’ to receive help, in fact we almost despise it.  But sometimes it’s help we need to survive.

I can’t count how many times my life has changed because of the help I didn’t want to receive.  That help has changed my life forever.  In fact, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that help.  I know a lot of people wouldn’t be where they are today without my help, and a lot of people wouldn’t be getting into heaven without my help.  I am not trying to strut my stuff, I am just being honest to God truthful.  I don’t know how many people I help everyday, but I know I touch lives everyday, even some that I don’t know.  Peace be with you always, and my prayers will always be with you, Jon.

Race is not an issue with me, why is it with the rest of the world?

Because the rest of the world is not in touch with God like I am.  You have to try to be in touch with God, you can’t just assume God will always be by your side.  He will but you also have to make a conscious effort if you are not making that conscious effort you might be left in somebody else’s dust.  We were made from dust and we will turn back into dust.  We were made by God’s hands not by science.  By God.  By two people who hopefully had sexual intercourse of who hopefully have been trying to have sexual intercourse, hopefully not by in vitro fertilization.  Hopefully by two people who love one another.  Hopefully somebody wasn’t paid to have somebody else’s baby.  Because only one of these is right.  Two people have to be in love and I don’t mean two bisexual people, I mean a heterosexual couple.  That’s just wrong in my eyes, and you know who I got that opinion from?  My parents but it wasn’t just my parents it was their parents way of life.  It was passed down several generations before me.  That will be the only right way in my eyes.  I don’t care if a white person marries a black person, I don’t care about that but they have to be man and wife, none of this white for white or man to man.  If they want to live together that’s fine.  If they want to have sex they can do it behind closed doors.  But do not do such things in public.  Do not kiss in public.  Because what if a little kid sees that?  Sooner or later they are going to figure out that it might be ok and that is just wrong.  So gay people need to watch what they are doing and what they are saying to one another when they are out in public.  Because who knows their might be little ears or big ears in the next booth or at the same table or walking next to you trying to mind their own business.  But it is not so obvious when you are just talking but when you are sitting with somebody holding hands with someone who is a grown up besides your mother or father.  You can kind of tell which ones are straight and which ones are not.  Sorry but I think that this little thing with gay rights is when black on white crime started.  Before that I know it went on but it’s like everybody is going up in arms for their homies.  If they feel it’s right.  So cops can’t even do their jobs now.  How are we going to keep crime down in this world if cops can’t do their job without throwing the race card.  The government has lost control allowing the streets to lose control.  Now the people in the government are worried for their lives, or they should be.  I don’t belive it’s because of the stuff they do.  Some of it has to be but not all of it has to be.  The streets are getting bad people, and every time the cops try to take somebody down for committing a crime it always comes back that the cops did the crime.  What is wrong with today’s society?  I think there a couple of things wrong in this post, how about you?  I know what they are, how about you?  Are you outraged?  because I am outraged.  I think God’s army is not God’s army anymore so many people are starting not to believe in God that God doesn’t have enough people on his side to keep the world going on the right path.  It used to be when I walked into a room I could tell if a person was christian or not, now you can’t even walk in and ask if they believe in God, you can’t even say under God in schools.  I think they still say under God but not the pledge of allegiance.  But I know their was a point when they talked about taking under God out the pledge of allegiance to the flag.  I think that should-be been no contest, I don’t think it should have ever en been brought up.  To tell you the truth we need to put God back in schools, put religion back in schools, and you would have a lot more of a peaceful country.  Put it back in the government too because than more countries would look at our government and ponder if it’s what they need to do.  They may say they need to start that way.  So who is with me?  Please comment yes if you are with me.  Please like this also if you are with me.  I know it’s hard to comment but please take the time to comment.