About me

My name is Jonathan Craft. I have what they call cerebral palsy. Which really means that they don’t know how much of my disease will progress and there really is not that much out there on how to treat an adult with my handicap. So already I have over proceeded my life expectancy. And I have come to realize my days may be numbered. I have tried to make the best of my life. I think I know a lot about everything, but the truth is I just know a little bit about a bunch of stuff which sometimes can be a little dangerous. I have a college degree in organizational leadership and an associates degree in social work. I now have a problem getting a job because my handicap is so involved that I need some adaptations to even apply for a job. And I am having trouble with that, because the stuff( the technology) isn’t where I need it to be so that I could be successful at any job. So I am stuck in the waiting game. So that’s where this is what I consider my job until I can get a job. So any posts that you want me to research that relates to a handicap or to a current event in this world let me know and I will do it but the kicker is not everything is going to pass my approval. So I won’t research everything unless it passes my approval. So if your stuff doesn’t get pass my approval just change it a little bit and then try again. If you want me to research something contact me at and leave any suggestions or comments. Thank you for reading my blog.

Give and you shall receive

Give God all that we have even if it is just a little bit. You will be surprised at what you receive back. This goes along with yesterdays homily. No matter how many times I read yesterdays powerful gospel, I get something new out of it every time. Yesterday it felt really powerful to me. I had to come home and re listen to it from another perspective. That is why I just posted the previous one because it has touched me so deeply and profoundly. One on my favorite gospels is when God took the four fish and two loaves of bread that a child offered and God multiplied that to feed thousands and still had leftovers!!!! That is God at work- using the little child to show the world how easily He will help us. Those few fish and bread should have only been enough for a small family. But God!!! That’s why we need to hear and speak truth so we can keep that part of our faith going and alive for us and for others for many more years. Hopefully world will turn around so we can hopefully keep going on in peace and not in war and disarray. Sooner or later God is going to come down to Earth and take us home. I am fearful for that day, not for me, but for the world. I don’t want that day to come into completion before the world is ready. We need to turn our heads and hearts to God. He is our true father. He is our creator. I am so baffled on how fast people are turning away from God or do not believe in Him at all. The truth is coming to head soon. I pray that all find Him as the days continue to go by. And that people will wake from their foolishness. When the world comes around and the whole earth has heard of the gospel, that is when the end will come. But if we choose not to follow Him, then we ultimately choose to follow the devil and not God himself. God’s soldiers on Earth will help the lost to find their way to Him. We need to also be like the soldiers of God and help bring the lost to God. I am one of God’s soldiers here on Earth and am doing my part to help the world to know God and His love and mercy.

God’s soldier,