May 25 – Homily – Fr Joachim: Suffering as a Grace

May 25 – Homily – Fr Joachim: Suffering as a Grace.

If we cannot suffer of our own accord by heroic voluntary sacrifice and penance, we can at least accept the trials, the crosses, and the sufferings of our everyday lives.  Because after all he did give us his bride the church.  So we can worship to him.  If we can’t do that ourself then we did he do that for us?  Why did he suffer that long and that hard on the cross for us?  We should be able to deal with some crosses that life deals out, if we can’t all we have to do is ask and he shall give us help.

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“Jesus Loves Me, This I Know…”


I also found this to be true, when Jesus puts something in your mind you are probably not going to forget it. He will keep bringing it up until something is done about it. Especially if it’s for others, which is kind of what this guys saying but not in the same words, but I like what he has to say! My thoughts are pretty much in this guys post. The book I need to read more of is the Bible, I need to understand it more than I do. Even though I practice my faith, the Bible makes me strong but it’s also the weakest part of my faith. I know that now, I’ve been kind of just ignoring it but I know what I need to do now. I will get it done. Thank you God for this message!

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My calm, mundane afternoon became a battleground of emotion after I took a nap. Recently, I have felt a prompting to read a book I received as a graduation gift. This book was anything but a feel-good novel; instead, it was collection of retellings of martyrdoms. Jesus Freaks: Martyrs. I began reading the horrific collection of anecdotes shortly after it was given to me, and I found that tears would well up in my eyes more often than not. I only ever made it halfway through the book.

The words came to life on the pages, and painted me an all-too-real picture of horrendous torture. These courageous, morbid retellings begged an answer from me; would I die for what I believe? I can’t express to you how easy it was for me to say “yes” before opening the cover of this book. But now, a simple “yes,” brought to mind…

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