About me

My name is Jonathan Craft. I have what they call cerebral palsy. Which really means that they don’t know how much of my disease will progress and there really is not that much out there on how to treat an adult with my handicap. So already I have over proceeded my life expectancy. And I have come to realize my days may be numbered. I have tried to make the best of my life. I think I know a lot about everything, but the truth is I just know a little bit about a bunch of stuff which sometimes can be a little dangerous. I have a college degree in organizational leadership and an associates degree in social work. I now have a problem getting a job because my handicap is so involved that I need some adaptations to even apply for a job. And I am having trouble with that, because the stuff( the technology) isn’t where I need it to be so that I could be successful at any job. So I am stuck in the waiting game. So that’s where this is what I consider my job until I can get a job. So any posts that you want me to research that relates to a handicap or to a current event in this world let me know and I will do it but the kicker is not everything is going to pass my approval. So I won’t research everything unless it passes my approval. So if your stuff doesn’t get pass my approval just change it a little bit and then try again. If you want me to research something contact me at and leave any suggestions or comments. Thank you for reading my blog.

Fishers of Men

You remember in the Bible where is says “Go follow me and make fishers of men”? I’ve been thinking about that and too many of us are not following that. Too many of us are just doing what we want to do and not listening to and following God’s word. I think if we continue this way, we will pay for it and it will be disastrous. I don’t believe in some of the science of it, but God’s word is plain as day on this. I just hope that it doesn’t come back and bite us in the butt before God returns to Earth. What are you doing to bring others to God? It has everything to do with our salvation. Fortunately, if you look back at the times, God lets us repent. Its happened for over 2000 years. I think that is what that means. We are going to make mistakes and lose sight of bringing others to God. I remember one of my professors from college talking about this also. I don’t know why everyone is so sold by natural gases but can’t seem to listen to God and His word. The point I am trying to make is that we need to return to HIM. To God. And His ways. To focus more on family and get back to the basics. Back to the Bible. All the other stuff doesn’t matter. When we all turn back to God and His will, it will turn the world around to the way He intended it to be after all. God wants us to always follow Him. Sometimes when we follow our free will, that is when we fall away from God and what He wants us to do. I am not telling you what to do, but yes I am. Get back in church, listen to God’s word. You can believe what you want to believe, but church is where you will hear and see God.

Love your brother in Christ,



A couple of days ago I was somehow reminded that my stuff is just stuff. My faith means a lot more to me than I ever realized. All the stuff doesn’t matter, I only need to think about my faith. I would totally give the shirt off my back if someone were to ask for it. I would have never imagined how others would handle that. We have so much, but what are we willing to give up for God? We surely should know how to share. I think that is a lost thought right now in the world. I’m not judging anyone, just pointing out what I think I see in the world. Everyone takes so much for granted that we forget to take care of others. It seems to always take something tragic for us to open our eyes again to take a second look at life, at our friendships, and our relationship with God. We need to take most care of that relationship because the next time we may not get the chance, that tragedy could be us. And we may not get the next chance. And if we do, we are pretty darn lucky! So, count your blessings, thank God for everything He has given us, and tell your loved ones how important they are to you. Sometimes we need to turn the other cheek and walk away- and PRAY for that person. Not that we are right, but that we can both be shown how to do better. Its not about being right or wrong, its about doing better for God. We need to do our best to be the best for God and His kingdom. That is my lesson for today.

Have a happy Monday!