Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. This is a day when we should be thankful for everybody in our lives. Thankful for the lives that we are living.  We should take this time to remember the ones that are less fortunate. If you know somebody in a dire situation you should always check on them,  but especially today. That is what our heavenly father would want us to do, and you will be rewarded if you do.

Your loving brother in Christ,


Is our Earth a gift from God?

It is my opinion that people don’t think the earth is a gift from God. The earth was created for us, we should treat the earth with respect and dignity. Those that don’t treat the earth with respect and dignity should be ashamed of themselves. If everybody treated the earth responsibly  we wouldn’t be worried about pollution and natural disasters. I believe that some of us are not one with God and some of us do not believe at all. I feel that is when God lets natural disasters happen, and pollution affects our environment like it has been. I believe that if we all started praying and taking the time to listen to God things would change drastically for all of us. I have love for all my brothers and sisters even the ones who choose not to love God for what he truly is, our heavenly father.  I love you all.


Jonathan Craft.