Christmas should not be about gifts

  Christmas should not be about gifts.  You should only get one gift if that.  It should be about spending the time together and enjoying your time with your family members.  It shouldn’t be about the gift under the trees.  It should be about the gift you already have and that you appreciate it even more.  I don’t know why everybody else care about gifts under the tree, I think my gifts are all of my family I get to spend some time with.  This is why I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas, because Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what you have not what you want to get.  Not paying attention to what your going to get.  I know Christmas is Jesus birthday and that’s why I think it should still be celebrated, but it’s going a little overboard when your not even thinking about the real reason we celebrate…your only thinking about what your going to receive.  That takes the whole meaning out of Christmas if you ask me.  That’s why I think every family member should only get at most 3 gifts and that would stand for the 3 wise men.  Otherwise I don’t think there should be any gifts involved in Christmas at all.  Who made up Santa Clause to begin with?  The retail source so they could make more money on Christmas so they didn’t have to close on Thanksgiving day like they should.  Oh I forgot they don’t close anytime anymore, they are always open.  They should close on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter,  As well as Sundays.  Like they used to a long time ago.  People are forgetting why were here.