The Letters is a documentary on Saint Teresa that I gave 5 stars to. Why I gave it 5 stars is it really follows the life. It talks about how she went through a dark time in most of her life. How only a few people knew about this dark time of her life. How she kept a constant smile on her face, always appearing happy and never sad. She always looked like she was happy even though she was going through clinical depression. Again this is just my opinion. She truly deserves to be classified as the saint that she now is. I see this blog as kind of being my mission in life. I am not doing this for me, I am doing this for the lord and you all no matter how religious you are,but for the blog to reach its full potential  I need your comments and your wishes on where you want this to go. If you want me to research something just comment and I’ll research what you want me to research. If you don’t want to comment on here just send me an email at I will greatly appreciate any comments you have good or bad. That way I know where I can improve. I know I have been just doing the basics but if you respond you will get more out of it and I will too. As you all know you are all in my prayers.

Jon Craft