Will you Join me and become Disciples of Christ? A favorite of mine as a well as a follower!

Matthew 28:19. “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, (20) teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  We have to reach people with Gospel so we have to evangelize.  In other words go out and spread the word to other people who don’t know Christ or that know him, but do not believe or want to trust in him.  We have to make them want to trust in him.  We have to make them see that he is our creator and their Saviour as well as ours.  Our true reason for being who we are, where we are, in the time-moment, second, is because of him.  We need more fishers of men to go spread his Gospel of life and love.  So therefore will you be fishers of men, or will you just be people who sit back and enjoy life.  I hope you will join me and be fishers of men.   Jesus said ” teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.

””The word “teaching” here means “instruction.” This is to be instruction in “observing” or “keeping” the commands of Christ.  They have to want to learn about Jesus Christ, we have to make them see our outward sign of our unity for Christ’s army .  In other words we have to make what we say for Christ, what we do for Christ, has to be made by our whole human existence for Christ so that those who are doubting Christ will see our love for Christ and want to be more like us.  When Christ calls us to be teachers, we have to be ready to go out of our boats and follow him.  Drop everything and follow him.  Even if it’s the way we make our money, which is what the fishers of men did.  The fishers of men back in their day, they didn’t just fish to pass time.  They fished for a living.  That is how they made their money, by feeding other people.

In today’s society that would be like farming.  Where they put all of their human existence into what they do, no matter how much they make.  Even though they are hardly making a living, they would do it for their other brothers and sisters in Christ.  They wouldn’t do it just because they love what they do, but because they love all of their community.  They love seeing how what they do affects their whole community.  You may not think what they do affects their whole community, but without cows…their wouldn’t be milk on the shelves in a grocery store.  Or their wouldn’t be eggs in the grocery store for us to buy.  Even cows are sometimes called feeder cows, and that means they are eventually being parted for meat for our consumption.  So without farmers, many of us wouldn’t have jobs today.

So think about the farmers the next time you see a tractor, be courteous to them and wave.  It only takes another second out or your day, be patient.  Even though they do things that take forever, that may be your next meal they are harvesting of their fields indirectly or directly.  So in other words what I am saying here is that everybody is important in his or her own way.  Love you, your Brother in Christ, Jon.


This post is related to the wedding at Cana, this is also because one of my followers has said it is her favorite passage in the Bible.

His TIME SCHEDULE.  Jesus being a good SON will not let one of His mother’s concerns go unsolved.  We are called to be obedient to God our Father.  We are called to do whatever he asks of us.  Even though we may not hear his human voice, the Holy Spirit comes down on us and sometimes enlightens us.  It may take a while to understand His TIME SCHEDULE.  Jesus being a good SON will not let one of His mother’s concerns go unsolved.  it, but that’s why we have all of our life to slowly understand.  We may not ever truly understand it.  That’s the glory of God.  He doesn’t want us to understand all of it, he wants us to look on him and wonder when we go and finally meet Married couples usually remember their first meeting. God will reveal His path of Love and Joy for you, in him in Heaven, our final resting place is already beside him.  We just have to remain Holy enough to keep that final resting place in Heaven.  If we remain Holy enough, were hoping he will say “well done, good and faithful servant”, he will then unlock that place he already has established for us when we were baptized Priest, Prophet, and King.  When we were baptized that is when I think he began working on our eternal salvation in Heaven and in our hearts.  The only thing that can get in the way of that is free will.  So we do have to watch what we do and say, especially if we have other people were trying to lead to Christ by our example.  Many of people don’t know how many people they effect by what they do, what they say, or even what their reactions are to what other people say.  That all comes into play when we go up to Heaven to our final resting place.   We will be judged for all of that, but the good thing is God is full of loving Mercy.  Without his Mercy, some of us wouldn’t even slide in the back door, like I hope I do.  Other people are probably thinking as they read this, you will make it in the front door and don’t have to worry about the back door.  I am only hoping to make into Heaven, I’m not hoping to be right next to him.  I just hope to get in the audience with him so I can enjoy his Faith all the rest of my eternal life in Heaven.  I will gladly do whatever he asks of me on this Earth, including putting my life before others if he ask me to do so.  I won’t be afraid to that, I would be honored to do that.  Just like Jesus said “is isn’t my time”, but he did what Mary asked of him.  We have to be more like Jesus himself when he asks of us to do stuff.  Just go out and do it, no questions asked.  We may have hesitations, but there will be great rewards when we do those things for Jesus Christ directly.  We may have to discern what is from Jesus Christ, and what is from the devil.  But, that’s part of our life.  That’s part of being able to ask him in prayer “what should I do”.  If you ask him in prayer, if you go and pray to Him, if it’s not him that’s asking for action from us that thought will disappear from our mind.  Most of the time, we will be like “why was I thinking that”, whatever we were thinking to begin with if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  As you all know my thoughts and prayers will always be with you.  Jon.