1/30/15 Oswald Chambers My Utmost for his Highest….Dilemma of Obediance

We must not side with the devil.  So we must not ask questions of what God wants us to do.  If we do, we almost always side with the devil.  Because of this, when I ask a question to the Lord, I always go in to where I have no distractions, so that I can listen to the Lord with my heart instead of my mind.  If we listen with our heart we will almost always do what is right instead of what’s wrong.  If we listen to our mind, almost always we will go towards the devil.  It is hard to not choose the devils path, but if you choose God’s path you will almost be lead towards glory.  Wherever there is glory there is also God’s light and mercy.  It can be hard to keep out souls in God’s light and loving mercy.  That is why we must always never be afraid to commit we are human beings and we are sinful.  Because that temptation to sin that Adam and Eve gave to us, the first time they sinned.

The original sin is erased by baptism, but the temptation is still there we can’t always ignore that temptation to want to sin.  That is why we have a merciful God, whom if we ask to forgive our sins He will!  All we have to do is ASK!  He will forgive our sins.  This is made easier if you are Catholic, because of the one sacrament we call confession.  It also could be made harder in the same respect, because in the sacrament of confession, you have to be able to say your sins in front of a human being who a lot of people may not think of it that way, but I think of it this way and sometimes it’s hard.  He is only a placeholder for our Lord, Jesus Christ our Saviour.  A lot of people think, “Oh no I have to go and confess my sins to a priest, and a lot of people think to themselves it’s just another human being”.  If you think of it the way I think of it, it’s not true at all.  You are expressing your sins to Jesus Christ your Saviour who died for you on the cross, to take away all of your sins, even the ones you are confessing to that day during your confession.

So my questions to you are, when it has been the last time you admitted to yourself that you are a sinner?  How many have asked for God’s forgiveness?  A good Catholic examination of conciousness http://www.beginningcatholic.com/catholic-examination-of-conscience.html, this may be helpful when you go to confession next time, or when you ask for God’s forgiveness next time.  God gives his all to you.  Won’t you give him all of your body, heart, and soul to him?