Gemiini system-to help those with a speech delay

This might work when nothing else will for those with speech difficulties as well as those that seems like you can’t get through to them.  This might break through that brick wall.  At first it might be a little crack in the brick wall but pretty soon it seems like to me that pretty soon it will be a big gaping hole.  If I had this when I was little, I would have probably been communicating before 3 years old.  Yes folks, I’ve been there.  I have not just seen it, I’ve been through it.  I don’t know what I was thinking then but how did they get through to me?  It must have been a small miracle.  Maybe this will be your small miracle.

Too many vaccines……..

This is an article and what it’s saying is outright sick, because I know what many other people know.  They do have an affect.  I think the doctors are just trying to cover it up, or they wouldn’t let you spread them out.  Like some doctors are starting to do, not many but some doctors are starting to do that.  The one’s that care but we are having trouble finding doctors that care about their patients now, excuse me but that’s the truth.  It’s just sickening.