Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence needs your help to continue changing lives.  Won’t you consider donating today?  No donation is to big or too small!  Maybe if you have the time and the energy you may want to consider being a puppy raiser, their can never be enough puppy raisers!  There is always going to be someone that needs to take a break from a puppy being in the house.  I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s the truth.  So will you or won’t you?

This is so cool!

I’m really partial to this company because they do such a good job matching dogs and I don’t normally do this, but if you look up their website please feel free to donate even $1 would help.  This agency works totally on donations and as I know from experience it placed dogs with no cost to the recipient but the recipient does have to pay room and board while they stay there in which they hook up with a bunch of hotels around the area and work to get the best discount.  They really work for the best interest of their recipients and the dogs they place.  The dogs are fully trained when we arrive.  But they have to train us on how to work with the dogs.  Sometimes that can be very hard to maintain that relationship with the dog or it can be very easy.  Just depends on the dog you get and what you are doing with the dog.  Like in my situation it’s really tough to maintain that working bond with my dog.  Because what my dog is mostly here or companionship.  He is a working dog, but he doesn’t really get that much working experience.  Now other people that have working dogs take them to work with them.  Some actually have them open doors, hold things in their mouth, they can pick up or carry things, etc.  They can pick up items as little as a credit card to a light briefcase. But the coolest thing for me that I am still working on to this day is he can go find help if I needed it, but as I said I still haven’t perfected that one yet.  So he doesn’t always do it when I am in trouble, but that’s wht I am working for.  I am actually shooting for what I know maybe impossible for the dog, but what I am actually shooting for is when he sees me fall over that he automatically goes and gets somebody.  I have only been able to do that twice so far.  I’ve been trying this for like 4 months, I have only got the process complete like two times.  So it’s a long process training the dog.  But it’s well worth the satisfaction of seeing that end result.  As always you followers will always be in my prayers.