Careflight called to serious crash in Miami County

Careflight called to serious crash in Miami County.

Once again, can’t people see a stop sign?  It’s red and says stop with white letters!  People some days.


Canine Companions selected for Cooper’s UX Boot Camp

Help is a Four-Legged Word™

CooperCanine Companions is thrilled to announce we’ve been selected to work with the creative senior staff team of Cooper and the November class of their UX Boot Camp.

Great design, just like a great assistance dog, takes effort, finesse, knowledge, and a team of people working together to produce amazing results. Canine Companions will be featured in the 4-day training that allows nonprofits to explore a challenge they are facing that can be helped by design and technology.

Designers, project managers, and developers will collaborate and work toward the goal of creating an application that will stimulate memory and cognitive functions through digital technology to facilitate communication between veterans and their service dogs.

The participating Canine Companions staff will work with the UX Boot Camp class and share the challenges that are faced by some of our veterans with traumatic brain injury. In their efforts, the class participants…

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Lawmaker Pushing Hate Crime Bill

It’s about time somebody makes it against the law.

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CLEVELAND — Beating someone just because of their sexual orientation is not a hate crime in Ohio. Now, a state lawmaker is aiming to change that.

Rep. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) plans to introduce a bill next week that would make crimes targeting someone because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability a hate crime.

“A hate crime really applies to a crime committed against someone who is sending a message to the rest of the people in that community that their kind, if you will, is not wanted,” Antonio said.

The lack of Ohio’s hate crime law for crimes against people who are gay came to light after an openly gay man was attacked by a mob of young people over Labor Day weekend.

Jared Fox, 26, was badly beaten by the mob as he walked to Cocktails on Cleveland’s west side on August 31.


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Grafton Mayor Arrested on Suspicion of OVI

Why do some people think I’m exempt, it will never happen to me. It can happen to a mayor it can happen to you. They just watch everybody after all they don’t care who it is. Stupid moron.

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GRAFTON, Ohio — A Lorain County mayor,  known for answering concerns of her residents, has some explaining of her own to do.

Grafton Mayor Megan Flanigan has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in her own village.

Police spotted a damaged fire hydrant in the Fox Run Development that they suspect Mayor Flanigan of hitting with her vehicle around 3 a.m. Saturday.

Police say a license plate found near the broken hydrant is registered to Flanigan.

They say she returned to the crash site and police noticed a strong odor of alcohol.

When Grafton resident Ron Vodarski learned of the mayor’s arrest, he said he wasn’t surprised.

“They should set an example, that’s what they should do.  And, I don’t think that’s setting a very good example,” he added.

Police say Mayor Flanigan was arrested in her own neighborhood.

“You usually expect better of your elected…

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Man Riding Mower Busted at Checkpoint

Duh……a motor vehicle is something with a motor, even if it’s a lawn mower when driving on the road, anything with a motor is considered a vehicle…Duh….a lot of people don’t think about it that’s obvious, but it’s definitely obvious. And yes you do have to have a licence to run a motor vehicle/lawnmower on a road.

CANTON, Ohio — A man who used a riding lawn mower to try to pick up a pizza ran into some trouble when he had to pass through an OVI checkpoint Friday night.

He wasn’t drunk, but according to the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, he didn’t have a valid license.

That was a problem since a mower is considered a “motor vehicle” if used on public roadways.

The checkpoint was set up on Rt. 172 between Canton and East Canton.

It was also discovered the man had warrants out for his arrest.

He was taken into custody and the mower was towed.

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Police: Man Stole $16K Worth of Rings

Why do people steal? I don’t get it. When places have cameras their going to get caught, pretty obvious.

CLEVELAND — A man spent over three hours looking at diamond wedding sets in a jewelry store before he took off with $16,000 worth of merchandise in the form of five rings, police confirmed.

It happened Saturday at Young’s Jewelry on Puritas Avenue in Cleveland.

The man, who was in the store from about 10 a.m. until 1:20 p.m., was caught on surveillance video.

“With any luck, somebody will see his photo and be able to identify him and get ahold of Cleveland PD and we’ll be able to get this guy caught,” said Aladar Solymosi, the co-owner of Young’s Jewelry.

The Cleveland Division of Police said he is in his 20s or early 30s, 5′ 10” tall, about 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

He also had a “No Play” tattoo on his hand.

Witnesses at the jewelry store said he drove away in a small black…

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CPD Officers Hurt in Accident

Duh! Pay attention to your environment. Stop at the street corner before you pull out onto the next rood. It could save a life and prevent any injuries. These two cops are lucky, it could’ve ended up a lot worse. Thank God it didn’t.

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Division of Police confirmed two of the department’s officers had to be taken to MetroHealth Medical Center after they were hurt in a car accident while responding to a call Sunday.

Police union president Jeff Follmer said one of the officers was being treated for a head injury, the other for a leg injury.

The accident happened around 11:40 a.m. as the officers responded to assist in a foot chase of a robbery suspect.

The officers were driving west down Lorain Avenue with their lights and sirens on.  As they approached West 69th Street, a car entered their path.

The police car struck the other vehicle then hit a pole.

Also injured was the driver of the other vehicle, who was taken to the hospital for treatment.

During the investigation, Lorain Avenue was closed between West 68th Street and West 73rd Street.

Rely on Fox 8…

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BBB: Watch Out for Fake Indians Tickets

CLEVELAND — The Better Business Bureau is warning Indians fans not to lose their heads as they come down with playoff fever.

The Tribe will host the American League Wild Card game Wednesday.  Tickets are sold out but the secondary market is still thriving.

“Fans hoping to catch Wednesday’s game are easy targets for scammers,” said BBB President David Weiss. “The Internet is home base for criminals hoping to make big bucks selling counterfeit tickets or by taking cash and providing nothing.”

Add photos showing your team spirit to our gallery!

The BBB offered this advice to ticket buyers:

  • Be careful when buying tickets from someone on the street
  • Before buying from an online ticket broker, check the BBB review of the company and see if any negative reviews were posted online
  • Make sure websites have secure payment processing systems, denoted by ‘https’ in the URL or a small lock…

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