Family can be interpreted a lot of different ways.

My close family core hasn’t really changed but my church family does every year and I am part of how that changes every year. As our life changes every year we should evolve into how our life changes every year. Sometimes, I think half of our society doesn’t evolve into our energy field. Energy is all around us you just have to let god show us how to use that energy and I am going to tell you something for me it’s not always easy to let god show us how he wants us to use that energy that we run into especially for some people and that is alright because I’m personally speaking from experience.

With my disability comes a lot of challenges. I had to figure my way out of them and sometimes it can take months or even years and some I will never figure out. So that’s where I have to put my faith in god and his words and his ways. As I figured out his words and his ways are the best way for me. However, this may not be the best for you but , I encourage you to figure out a way to relieve your stress  because stress is a killer. A slow killer and something a lot of doctors can’t detect.

So I am here to tell you to take some time to be with your family and if you can talk about your issues with them. If you can’t try to relax and enjoy that family while you got them. Like I said before family doesn’t have to be biological it can be interpreted a lot of different ways and If you are having problems don’t be afraid to take them to god. After all he is in my eyes the all mighty creator. He breathes life into us right before we’re born and I don’t think he would hurt a soul on this earth. So I’m trying to encourage you that no problem is a problem as long as you’re including god in your daily life. That is a decision you have to make on your own. No one can force you to have god in your life. If they’re trying to force you to have god in your life they aren’t true friends.

As the easter season comes to a close I want to encourage those who aren’t going to church to go to church once in awhile because once in awhile your soul has to be fed too.

Your friend,