Major Heroin and Cocaine Ring Busted in Cleveland

One drug ring busted, several more to go. It will never end.

CLEVELAND– Officials announced that a major heroin and cocaine ring was busted, Thursday afternoon.

Authorities said search warrants were carried out on six homes in Cleveland, including two homes on E. 74th St.

Heroin and cocaine were found.

Arrest warrants have been issued for 12 people and more could be coming.

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‘It’s Very Scary’: Neighbors React to Possible Meth Lab Home

This is just sad! I hope their relatives are better than their parents. A background check doesn’t tell you everything. Especially what goes on in their home, behind closed doors. You never know anymore.

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CLEVELAND– Three children are removed from a west side Cleveland home after police discover a possible meth lab inside.

Police said several adults were arrested.

The bomb squad was called to a home in the 1700 block of Spring Road in Cleveland.  Police say around 1:40 a.m., Thursday, case workers with the Department of Children and Family Services went to the home to check on three children inside ages 8, 9 and 13 years old.

A spokeswoman for Children Services said they received a report the children were being poorly supervised and neglected.

“They don’t take care of those kids. Those kids are gone all day long out on their bikes running around the neighborhood,” said neighbor, Patricia Markley.

Police said once inside, officers found a backpack with what appeared to be meth-making materials.

“Any one of us could’ve been blown up, across the street, there, the…

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Long-Time Teacher Assaulted by Student

This kid has a long road ahead of him. Maybe even not this time but eventually have to have jail time not just assault charges. This kid will have problems all his life unless he changes quick.

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CLEVELAND – A knock-out from a student may have ended the career of a long-time high school teacher.

“For a short moment, I didn’t know where I am. By the time I bring my head up, all the blood is coming,” East Technical High School teacher Ali Baghani said.

Baghani, 70, has a bump on his head, his nose is broken in three places and has an injured back, jaw and knee after a student punched him and knocked him out at school on August 21.

“I was almost unconscious. I heard somebody push me down also,” Baghani said.

Baghani said he was taking attendance in his gym class when he noticed a male student who was not on his roster and asked the boy to leave.

“He said, ‘OK, what happens if I stay?’ I said, ‘Sir, that’s not right. You have another class. You have…

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Police Catch Bank Robbery Suspect in the Act

This man got what he deserved. Caught in the ACT!

CLEVELAND — Police officers arrested a bank robbery suspect in the act Thursday morning.

Around 11:20 a.m. officers responded to the Charter One Bank on Harvard Avenue for a bank robbery in progress.

Authorities say the suspect had passed a note to the bank teller demanding money.

When officers arrived, they spotted a male matching the suspect’s description pacing inside the bank.

Officers entered the bank and ordered the suspect on the floor. He was arrested without incident.

The suspect was wearing a hard hat and had dreadlocks, which police say were part of the man’s disguise.

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Obama to go it alone

I do agree we have to do something here, but we should try and do it civil before we go into another war.  When Barak Obama hasn’t done what he said he was going to do in the first war.    He said we were going to be out of the war were in and were still fighting it.  He is just going to create more trouble if he tries to fight 2 wars at the same time.  He is going to run out of military personnel is what he is going to do, we’re going to have to re-enact the draft and I don’t think that’s  a good idea either.  So I think we should stay out of there.  At least until Obama knows for sure Syria is going to strike, I know what your going to say then it might be to late.  I don’t know what to do, but I know we have to do something.  Going to war is not the right thing to do even if we should we need to do more thorough investigating before we go and put lives on the line.

Dear Bloggers

I’m so frustrated with today’s world it’s not even funny.  You can’t do anything without spending money but yet you can’t get a job.  When you are on government assistance, it just makes it worse. Because when you do have a job, you can only make so much money before they start taking your government assistance away.  So it’s like what do we do?  We can’t go out and got a job because we want to.  We have to worry about how much we make and how much we work.  If we work one hour too long, the government threatens to take away our assistance.  Yet we have a government that basically pays people more than minimum wage just to sit around and watch tv.  They are not even trying to get a job.  We have people that want to work and can’t find employment to accommodate their disability. If employed these individuals would be a good asset to society.  But yet they can’t work because they are on disability or they have a disability and they are on government assistance.  I have a degree but I can’t use it.  Because if I work over a specified amount of time or my wages exceed a specified amount  they take my government assistance away.  But yet nobody will hire me because they want someone that can work full time.  An employer doesn’t want to watch my hrs and how much I work or how much I make.  They don’t want to worry about the government.  The government  doesn’t understand that employers do not want to monitor hours worked.  The employer wants somebody that can do their job and do it well.   They don’t want to worry about total wages per week for a disabled worker.  And that is wrong.  When we have people who want to work and can’t.  So what’s wrong with today’s society.


Because of this scenario people can’t afford to live on their own.  They have to live with their family or in an institution.  Which costs “X” amount of dollars more than employed individuals.  With the economy the way it is and with Obamacare that the government thinks will make this situation better.  It will actually , in my opinion, make it worse.

The general population may have trouble independently making ends meet.  As result, they may not be able to get help that they will really need.  They may go without necessary medications or may not take any treatments.  Which in turn, this will come back on our country.  Eventually, it will effect the whole world.

Then we have people like Congress that want to improve stuff like amnesty.  Where is that going to lead us.  Are those people going to end up on welfare?  When Social Security is going to go bankrupt, is it right to punish people on Social Security when they worked all of their lives.  When we have people on the other side, who are not working possibly doing drugs.  Probably making over minimum wage, using food stamps and exploiting the system.   I think something needs to change.  I think it needs to start with cutting out all Medicaid loopholes.  Put some of that money in to trying to repair the Social Security system.  I know these are two different institutions but we need to start somewhere.   We all need to think about everything in my post because it is very important and will eventually effect the whole world.

This teacher has a lot of heart for his students but he also has a lot of stuff going on at home.   Does what he have at home make a difference for what he does at work.  I think it has to make a difference.  What do you think?  

US Prepares for Possible Airstrikes on Syria

It’s not if were going to strike it’s when were going to strike! This is pretty serious I don’t think they we shouldn’t defend ourselves. We can’t just sit here and act like it’s not going to happen, because it is. But I’m worried about if we go and attack them, will we start WW111. It will end stability with the whole entire nation. That’s not good.

(CNN) — A fifth U.S. destroyer is expected to arrive in the eastern Mediterranean later Thursday as the United States prepares for possible airstrikes on Syria over its government’s alleged chemical weapons use, according to a Pentagon official.

On Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama said there’s no doubt that Syria launched chemical weapons attacks against its own people. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has blamed the August 21 attack on rebels.

Here are the latest developments:

— British Prime Minister David Cameron opened an emergency session of the House of Commons on Syria Thursday by saying the debate is about “how to respond to one of most abhorrent uses of chemical weapons in a century” — not about regime change or invasion.

— Cameron told the House of Commons on Thursday that the UK government would not act without first hearing from U.N. weapons inspectors, giving the United Nations a…

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Man Allegedly Shot Pot into Jail with Bow and Arrow

How did this happen?

Bellingham, WA (KCPQ) — Whatcom County sheriff’s deputies did a double-take Wednesday when they saw a man with a bow shooting an arrow into the county jail.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office said he aimed toward the mesh-covered windows of the second-floor recreation area, but the arrow landed on the roof of the jail instead.

Attached to it was a small baggie of marijuana, and another substance that hasn’t been identified, police said.

Someone got the man’s license plate. When police confronted him at his house in Bellingham, he said he had been shooting squirrels outside the jail, police said.

He couldn’t explain the marijuana, and was booked into jail himself for investigation of attempted introduction of contraband and for obstructing officers.

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Police: Suspicious Man Offered Boy Puppy

This is why you teach your children never to talk to strangers. This is a very important message. If you don’t teach your children this it’s your fault if they get kidnapped. Sorry that was so blunt but it is the truth!

PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A 12-year-old told police a man offered him a puppy and demanded that he approach his vehicle.

It happened Monday around 7:30 p.m. in Perkins Township.

According to a police report, the boy was returning from a friend’s home and nearly at his own door when he heard a man say, “Do ya want a puppy?”  He then repeated the question.

The boy’s mother is in the process of getting a dog, so the boy asked what kind.

The man claimed the boy’s mother was buying a Chihuahua from him, but the boy knew that was not the correct breed, so he started to go into the house.

The report stated the man said, “Come here,” two times.  A grandmother inside the home heard and managed to get a look at the man.

Neither she nor the boy recognized him.  He sped off toward Columbus Avenue.

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