Hidden Heroes

When you are in nursing home or have someone in a nursing home, you have to be very vigilant because you know your love one best.  The staff may not notice if something is wrong.  Or they maybe overlooking symptoms until it gets so bad they put your love one in the hospital.  You have to be unafraid of stepping on people’s toes because it is your love one.  When it involves a limbs, it can get bad very quick.  It can cause someone to loose a limb or even their life.  You cannot replace a life.  You have to be very involved when you are not the primary caregiver.  This is completely off the subject.  I can totally see why people refuse to go into a nursing home.  I can see why family members refuse to move out of state when their parents are still alive.  Because total emphasis is on family, where I think it should be as you saw in my last post.  When you have elderly family members or sick family members, this becomes even more important.  Because you don’t know how much time they have left on this earth.  A lot of times even though you don’t think it matters to your loved ones, it does in many different ways.  In so many different ways I cannot even count them.  Because I am not elderly, I can tell you from experience every time someone comes to visit me I take that time to be very precious.  This is why I am encouraging you to spend all the time with elderly or disabled as you can.  Because that time you spend really can make a difference on their total outlook on life.  I would like to say a special thanks to those who do spend time or take care of elderly or disabled people.  Because in my eyes, they are heroes even though many of those people don’t think they are heroes.  They are because it takes a special person to be a caregiver.

Something for you to Ponder

Imagine that you were in the hospital and no one would come to see you.  I have been fortunate I have never had to go through such an experience.  But I know there are some people who have.  Some people need others be in the room with them.  It is sad when it has to be someone like a volunteer that they do not even know until they get out of the hospital or pass away.  It is sad that not even their family members will spend time with them.  Especially when they are that sick.  I know I would be very depressed.  I know a lot people who are reading my blog would not be guilty of such actions.  But if you ever were I am very ashamed of you.  Hope in the future you would understand the need for your love ones to be visited.     Initially this is something you do for family or loved ones but there are rewards for you.

What I Learned Today

What I learned today is that you cannot work together on something unless you communicate.  When you have a disability, it is even more important that you have two-way communication with all your caregivers.  Especially when it involves your healthcare.  Without good communication it is not going to work.  I had a situation today where I had not been honest for some time.  It finally got the best of me.  I had a mental melt down.  I should have been honest from the very beginning.  But I am still trying to get used to all my freedoms that my parents are allowing me to have.  I can see where the shoe could be on the other foot.  Where you don’t want to give your child too much freedom and go awry.  That could be easy to do.  Especially if you don’t know how much mental capability/capacity the love one has.  Because you don’t want to put yourself or them in harm’s way.  But also you don’t want to offend your love ones or clientele.  You have to know when and how to step in.  Sometimes that can be hard to do.  Especially when it involves more than one person that you care about.  Not sure I have said this on this blog, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing for all parties involved.


Christmas is fast approaching.  For a lot of families that means presents.  But it doesn’t have to be about presents.  It could be about memories too.  The ones make that day and those you made in the past.  In fact the first Christmas they did not have very much.  I think they came with what they had.  In the story of The Little Drummer Boy, he did just that.  I think it should be more like that First Christmas.  The emphasis should not be on the giving of gifts but on spending time together as a family  or community.  Because after all it is not about material goods.  It is about how you are spiritually ready for the coming back of Christ.  Only you and Christ know if you are ready.  My challenge to you is this:  If you do not have anything to do, go out and find a needy family.  Invite them, if you have space and time invite them to celebrate Christmas with you.  If you do not have the time or space, but you have the financial means made an effect to buy a Christmas meal for a special family.  It will, in fact, impact your life and theirs.  You may get rewarded for your efforts when you least expect it.