Too many vaccines……..

This is an article and what it’s saying is outright sick, because I know what many other people know.  They do have an affect.  I think the doctors are just trying to cover it up, or they wouldn’t let you spread them out.  Like some doctors are starting to do, not many but some doctors are starting to do that.  The one’s that care but we are having trouble finding doctors that care about their patients now, excuse me but that’s the truth.  It’s just sickening.

Plugged In: Does Measles Outbreak Change Your Mind About Vaccines?

Does any outbreak change my mind about vaccines, no until science figures out everything that there is to know about vaccines to know, you know they won’t. So no matter what they do or what disease has a breakout you will always know my position on vaccines. If they are delivered one by one and they are dormant thats fine. But if it is a live vaccine then no body would give that to a child. Or if they were all given in one setting then nobody wouldn’ve given them to a child because there is a lot more risk involved if it’s a live vaccine or they are given more than one at a time. This won’t be the end of this discussion on my blog this is just the beginning. So keep following and you will keep learning about vaccinations.

(CNN) — Sixty-eight and counting.

An outbreak of measles in Ohio has infected 68 people, adding to what is already an 18-year high of measles cases in the United States.

That’s disturbing news for health professionals. The contagious infectious disease was considered eliminated in the United States in 2000.

The outbreak in Ohio began with unvaccinated travelers to the Philippines, the state’s Department of Health said Monday.

Philippines is experiencing a very large measles outbreak; at least 20,000 confirmed and suspected cases have been reported in the Asian nation.

California, another state also reporting a high number of measles cases this year, said its outbreak also resulted from people visiting the Philippines.

Visitors may pick up the disease and bring it back to the United States, potentially infecting those who cannot be vaccinated against the measles because they are too young, for example, or who have intentionally remained unvaccinated.


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