Women of Grace LIVE 10/6/15


I happened to be listening to my normal programs on ETWN radio yesterday, when I was touched by what this wonderful guest speaker had to share in her daily podcast. The contents of this show, managed to enlighten me in wanting to do more soul searching with my faith. I realize that  lack of facilities and money are an ever growing factor, however it would be wonderful to see all Churches have schools. Therefore, even non Catholic Churches  would have schools of their own. Perhaps in doing such, one could stay true to their own faith. This would allow them an opportunity to stay true to their own heart and soul as well. I realize this isn’t an option in today’s society, which is very unfortunate. However, in the meantime a lot can help just in the normal daily routines of a household. Try sitting down as a family at the table on a nightly basis, while there try picking up a book and reading a story or two out of it. It could be any book or perhaps the Bible. It may be a little more difficult reading from the Bible, and if this happens to be a problem for you; I suggest reading the content over or perhaps buying a bible with footnotes. The footnotes seem to be easier for people with difficulty and help individuals  understand the meaning of what the living word is trying to say. I do hope you take time to listen to this podcast.

Love You,

Your Brother in Christ,

Jonathan Craft