I want to tell you guys about something I am involved with and started.

It is a program called Sluggers Little League. It is a nonprofit organization for Auglaize and Shelby county,in Ohio. It is for handicapped kids that don’t get to play baseball or any other sports because they are handicapped. They usually play 3 innings, and because they are handicapped they all get to play and bat. There are no outs counted, therefore no scores are kept. Some of the players even have buddies to assist them in batting and making it around the bases.

However, it is a nonprofit organization so therefore it is run by donations. We were a little bit down on donations this year and at one point in time I put a post on here for players and donations, however this season has already started. We can’t take on new players at this time. It is basically for Auglaize and Shelby county, but we can take players from all over as long as they don’t have a league of this type in their county. But, they would also be willing to drive to our games which are mostly always in Auglaize or Shelby county. Players have to have a doctor’s slip telling us what condition they have, that will be in the paperwork when we get it sent out to new and returning players.

Unfortunately in the past couple years we haven’t grown in size, we have just been maintaining our size. This is fine with us however, we would like to see it grow. We would also like to see our bank account increase every year with donations. No donation is to big or too small. Every donation we get is put to good use and is tax deductible. We do not have a website, but we do have a facebook page in which you can reach us. We would be glad to assist you, whether it’s in helping you with a donation or sending out information next year. However, we do not take credit cards. Thank you for your consideration.

Your Friend,

Jonathan Craft


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