Video game with violence with record sales.

This world is obsessed with money that it will teach people how to kill for it.  It teaches them how to use guns for their livelihood, something is not right here.  And kids are playing this with their parents permission.  First of all they shouldn’t have their parents permission to play it let alone have it in their own house.  I don’t think it should even be on the shelf.  This is why our world is going to the pot.  I mean that literally and figuratively.  And I don’t mean pot just as a toilet either.  I mean it as it is a drug to.  Pick any of those and I could go on for days.  Putting them side by side the two together I could even go on for years.  Which you probably don’t want to listen to me go on for yrs, so I will stop now.  But this is downright outrageous.  We should be teaching our kids how to be positive and productive, good work ethics, and morals.  Not just teaching them about guns and violence.  Yes they need learn how to protect themselves and stand up for themselves.  But they don’t need to know how to kill people.  They also don’t need to grow up thinking that people will come back to life after they’ve been shot and killed in a video game as they do now, because after all that’s not reality.   Reality is if you shoot somebody they’re hurt for life if not killed.  Or if they’re not hurt for life they will at least remember it for life and that’s what we should be teaching our kids today.  That’s part of the reason I’m  so outraged by this.  I really would appreciate your comments and your thoughts on this especially.

This is very important.  Don’t ever post your address on any unsecured website or social media site.  Because you could have something like this happen to you.  Or don’t even post when your on vacation, always post after your back from vacation because people can find out where you live.   As you know already I hate gangs, and I don’t like everything they do let alone when they do it to a student just like themselves.  I haven’t ever been bullied, but I have felt like I have.  Feeling like you have been bullied or downgraded hurts more than being bullied yourself.  So that is why I am showing you this video.  Not because I like violence.  It’s really quiet the opposite, I hate violence.  I think everybody that does an act of violence should be dealt with,  or talked to, and maybe even seek treatment.  The first time I think they don’t deserve depending on how bad it is, I don’t think they deserve jail time.  But I think they should be put in classes for anger management, and learn how to deal with their anger.  And if it was part of a gang, I don’t think the gang should be allowed to associate with one another until they have been through treatment.  We need to stop violence any way we can.  But putting people in jail is not always the way to do things.  So we need to take more creative ways to deal with these types of issues, other than jail time.