Us Military condemns Afghan decision to release dangerous detainees

 Why does it leave it to Karzia to decide anything, we need to take every weapon with and without keys and lock them up and keep those keys with us and throw them away after we get home, that way if they use any weapons against us, we can say they did it and we didn’t help them.  If we don’t dismantle every weapon we have in there before and take all the keys and weapons that have keys we’re going to be reliable for what they do to us after we get out of there.  If we do what I said above we can say they did it and we didn’t have anything to do about it.  Excuse my language again but that’s just the way I feel.  Every time I read something like this I get so mad I shouldn’t even read the news anymore in fact I don’t know why I even do.  I know the news gets me riled up.  But if don’t watch the news I don’t know what is going on anymore.  We have to stand up for our God given rights as well as our state.  Because if we don’t nobody else will.  But I’m like what is this world coming too?  Is this truly the end?  Because it sure feels like we got the devil running our country!  And not truly a president.  


Obama shutdown of catholic mass

This is very disheartening!  Are we going to have to go to underground facilities sooner than we thought?  Maybe it’s closer than we think.  I know some of you don’t know what I am talking about but a long time ago priests were punished for celebrating Mass, and eventually they had to make small parishes underground to be able to celebrate mass for their people.  I think that may be coming back.  Also right before this happened they tried to have small parishes in people’s houses.  But soon the government stopped that, still to this day this is not right.  We should be able to practice when we want, where we want, how we want.  They’re just criticizing us because we have a problem with abortion, and same sex couples being married.  After all we are just going by the word of God.  We’re just going by the bible in which most Catholics believe to be the living word of God.  I don’t know how many times I can say this is not right.  But this is totally disgusting that nobody else had to stop practicing their religion or their beliefs.  It’s funny how the government criticizes just one faith not every faith.  I think it is because the government has the most issues with Catholics not doing what the government thinks is right.  I have news for them….sometimes what they think, what the government thinks and not the just thing to do!  Especially when they separate Church and State.  I know the Chapel was on a government base but don’t they have a right to do whatever they want to when they are not on duty?  It’s not like the government owns their life, they may think they do but they don’t.  If they don’t give them a place to worship on base they should give them enough free time to go where they need to go to worship our faith.  That’s the least they could do in my opinion.  But I would like to know what other people think about this?  So if some of you would please offer your input on this, I would greatly appreciate it.  

Obamacare pays big for divorced

This is sick!  It’s obvious Obama is trying to take out Catholics, trying to make Catholics mad and so on and so on.  First you say we have to pay for something we don’t agree with now your saying we should cohabit and cohabitation is wrong.  This makes me so mad.  It simply disgusts me.  It’s like he forgot about the people, oops did I just say that he never cared about the people.   Oops did i just say that out loud too, but it’s the truth.  I can’t believe it passed congress.  But yet I can.  Because they’re exempt.  What does this mean for Americans?  The congress is so messed up all they think about is themselves.   They don’t realize it’s going to hurt them in the long run.  Eventually they will realize it’s bad, and be like “what did we do so many years ago?”  If we are still alive on this Earth.  Personally I think the government has set up a mob of people and they’re not out for us their out for themselves.  I personally think they are going to take the rest of the world down.  I know it.  I don’t know what we can do about it though except prep, prep, prep.  Oh did I just say I’m a prepper?  I can’t believe I just said that.    

Ted Cruz’s top 5 moments from speech

All I can say is yes, yes, yes!  All I can say is if this bill is passed our country is going to fail very quickly, very fast into the toilet.  Because their won’t be any middle class anymore the only thing left will be the upper class and government class.  All the rest of us are going to be thrown on our butts class, because once we get that poor their will be no digging us out of that toilet of a hole we would be in.  Because no one would dig us out.  Everybody on the other side of that hole will be laughing their butts off.  Saying” I”m rich, how about you, Oh I forgot your poor because Obama passed a stupid bill he never should’ve passed!  He doesn’t care about us only himself.  He doesn’t even care about the rest of the government people just himself.  He has a house in Chicago that I don’t think he is ever planning to go back to and were spending thousands of dollars a day protecting it.  Everybody else that was the president had never lived in a big city like Chicago.  I know that has nothing to do with it, but why is it all about him?  We spend thousands of dollars on him that we’re never going to get back  that is just plain wrong and sickening.  It outrages me every time I think about it.

Aid and Comfort

Why is it taking so much to impeach Obama?  We have plenty of evidence, congress needs to act on that evidence.  I don’t care if it’s a yr until he has to go or not.  Obama should be impeached.  That way maybe he can’t get anymore money after he’s out of office unless he really works for it and that is what he needs to do work for his money.   


US tax collection record figure 2013

This is just flat out outrageous and very sickening.  It makes me wonder why we are still in debt.  I know he can’t use all of that to push down our debt with it but he could use some of it to pay down some of our debt and to get our country back under control.  But oh I forgot he wants our country to remain out of control he wants our country to go  down into Haiti’s.  Sorry for my language but it’s the truth.  

Naval Yard Shooting will cause slowdown maybe even forgetfulness in Congress


Yesterday, we had a really tragic day in our universe.   We call our world our own home.   I hope people realize this is not our true home.  But it is still where we have to live.  Try not be killed in the process by hostile gunfire.  Which is getting to be more difficult each day no matter where you live.  If you are not worried about gunfire, you are worried about something else.  Like where you are going to get your next meal.  Or how or where you are going to get your medical bills paid.  Or what the ongoing status of a medical condition is.  Whether they will continue to cover it.  When Obama Care comes into effect, we may all have to worry about these kind of situations.  It sounds like today’s attack is going to prolong everything else on the Congress floor.  One of the things we should not have prolonged is the budget or Obama Care.    But today is probably going to push back any further work on Obama Care for now.  As I said on another post, we only have a certain number of days to overturn or appeal it.  Now I think Obama Care is going to go into effect without any further dealings with the problem.  The way I feel it should not have become a law.  Now they are going to try and force it upon the people.  Congress will say it was not their fault it passed because they working on other more important issues.  The deadline will just slip right on by them.  They will not realize what happened.  So we need to keep our eyes and ears on this ongoing problem and make sure it gets done.  Any way we possibly can.  If it passes, It will probably have an ongoing effect for years to come.  Maybe decades to come.  This is the reason why we need to have Congressional phones ringing off the hook.  So they know this is important too.  Because it is very important.  Not just for the United States but all of the world.  This is the reason I am posting this.

Is Obama against America or for America?  Because of this act I don’t know.  Do they want our military to be ready or not?  If they keep cutting military will have no military to defend our country.  And that will effect the whole world, not just our country.  I know I post a lot about the US but the US affects the whole world.  And this will a devastating effect.  I can’t say this enough.