Don’t get caught up in gangs.  If you see a gang starting tell a responsible adult.  If you are a responsible adult stop the gang from starting or progressing.  If you see one in progress, stop it.  If at all possible.  Because it could lead to violence.  All violence leads to destruction of life and material goods.  Once they get started they are hard to stop.  They are like friendship once you get one started they are hard to destroy.  If they are already loyal, they are even more difficult to destroy.  They can get bigger than a wild fire in a hurry if they are subjected to the right conditions.  All gangs even if they are good gang can lead to trouble.  Not saying that they will but it is possible.  This can lead to a person being handicapped.  This is  not something you want to endure or make someone else endure.  So my advice to you, “If at all possible if you know a gang is starting in your community stop it before it starts.”  Get them involved in a good organization, such 4-H or After School Programs.   Otherwise,  help me to help you put this all across the nation and spread the word.