Why do people use labels?

Why do people use labels?  I’m not talking about a professional label either.  I am not talking about the labels you put on clothes either, nor cans of food, etc.  I am talking about the labels people put on other people just because they can.  I know they have to be labeled for medical reasons, but people don’t actually use those labels in their everyday conversations when they talk about other people like myself for instance, that just makes me mad.  Honestly I catch myself staring at other people too, but I don’t say stuff out loud.  When I recognize that I am doing it, I quit starring or looking those people.  I love the way one of my local priests friend put it one time.  He said  “crying I can deal with”  This subject that I just talked about  has nothing to do with what I usually talk about.  However that’s an example of leaving the obvious go.  What I am saying here is, when it’s obvious that somebody has a disease don’t stare at them.  Don’t make a big scene.  If they need help ask them first if they need it.  If they say yes, then you can help them.  If they say no, respect their right to say no.  It’s probably easier for them if you don’t help them, although it might look awkward to you it’s probably easier for them if they are used to it.   It’s probably how they always do it.

I don’t like it when people stare at me, how about you?  Only time I like for people to stare at me is in a staring contest.   I don’t do very good in those so I’m pretty much saying never stare at me because you may get your head blew off!  It won’t be pretty.  If I catch other people staring at handicap people it’s obvious what they are doing.  I might just go up and tell them to take a picture it will last longer if you want that image to be permanent on your mind.  Obviously they do.  They wouldn’t be staring at a normal person like you would stare at that handicap person.  Just because they have a disability doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Just because they can’t talk or don’t have a mental capacity to know that you are staring at them, doesn’t mean that their parents don’t realize that you are doing it.  They can see you, they are probably not blind themselves.  They have feelings too.  When they see you staring at their child or an adult they are taking care of, they are probably hurt too in fact it probably hurts them more than it hurts the person they’re staring at.  It just adds to it when people are talking about the too.  Like did you see that person walking by?  That just adds insult to injury.  It makes it more obvious that you were looking at a person.  Really I think staring should be a crime, but how would they prove it.  They wouldn’t, that’s the only reason it’s not a crime.  Unless you have it on tape, then it’s still hard to prove you weren’t looking past them.  So if you can’t tell already, I have a real issue with staring and name calling.  If you call anybody anything in my presence I don’t like, you better watch out.  Because this thermostat just got a little hotter.  I wish more people were like me.  I know my family is like me, but unfortunately they don’t see it like I do.  I mean they see it, it it’s me getting attacked I don’t want to say this but I’m sorry if it hurts anybody’s  feelings but they kind of just leave it go.  So how would you feel if it was your child, would you step in and say it’s enough?

I know I would if I could get them cornered long enough to have a very personal conversation with them even though I never met him or her in my life before.  They would probably walk away saying a few choice words.  Like I do when I walk away from them now because I can’t get them cornered long enough to have that very personal and deep conversation with the.  They need to have a wake up call.  One of these days if it’s not me, it will be God himself.  It will be the creator himself, he won’t be very kind about it.  That may be the least of your worries.  But, he won’t be very kind about what he said to you because he says to love every human being as yourself.  He says love your neighbor as yourself.  I know that’s just two different ways of putting it.  I can’t say it enough.  So in closing go out and spread God’s love for other people through you.  Maybe when you get up to Heaven he will say well done good and faithful servant .  I hope these are the words she says to me.  Not trying to brag myself up or anything, I think he is going to have something different to every person that gets into Heaven.  That’s one of the things I do believe uses a lot.


God was nice enough to become human

Not only to become human, but to become a baby that needed help doing everything.  God is God.  he would’ve came on this Earth a full-grown adult, but he choose to humble himself and become a baby.  What are we doing for him?  We are saying he doesn’t exist, and that’s just wrong!  Because every time we take down tree for anything but our survival needs, we are saying God doesn’t exist.  Because we’re taking advantage of what he created.  Just because we don’t have to hunt and gather doesn’t mean it’s not a hunt and gather society, somebody has to do the hard work.  Somebody has to put in the work for that stuff to be on the shelf.  Now our society is taking advantage of it, we’re like oh well we can get it tomorrow.  While the people back in Jesus days had to hunt and gather for their survival.  They had to do it or otherwise they wouldn’t have survived.  The only people who are like that now are the farmers.

Even the farmers are having a hard time surviving now.  Because the cost is going up so high.  If production hasn’t changed, the cost is going up, supply and demand has gone up.  Where does that leave the farmers?  How does it work that they have to work their butts off to make a dime?  And they are the sole reason we are surviving.  Without our guns and having to do it now instead of later, in my opinion it should go back to the hunting and gathering stage.  Where all the technology is good, but it’s not good for the lazy.  Part of its good for healthcare, part of its good for disease.  But part of healthcare is going to far.  Part of disease it they keep it under control, sometimes too much.  Sometimes not enough.  Some people don’t let it go far enough to where it kills itself, and some people let it go to far where it kills them off too.  So where is the happy medium, you have to decide.

But, I think some parts of today’s society have just gone to far.  Where people should trust in God, people should trust in their own creator more, not so much on our human counterparts.  Some humans don’t trust their neighbors, some people trust other people too much.  Some people are quiet the opposite, some people trust their neighbors too much, where they need to take it back it back to where I don’t want it to go a little bit and stop trusting their neighbors and start trusting the professionals more.  I know this is confusing, but some people need to trust in their neighbors in their own mind more, and stop putting all their eggs in one basket which I know one place where technology is going to far is cars.  People can’t do it their self in more, people have to ask for help on cars.  Because they can’t figure out the technology unless they are a professional.  That’s  what I mean by technology is going to far, technology is going to far when you have to ask a professional to do just about everything.  When you used to be able to do it yourself.

I mean, now a days you can’t buy a new gun from a pawn shop, from a person just walking down the street.  Don’t get me wrong that is not bad, but that also is a sign that crime is going up way to high.  That is also a sign where it means you can’t trust your neighbor.  Which kind of counteracts my meaning of this whole post.  My meaning of this whole post is to make you realize you can trust your neighbors.  You can count on your neighbors, this whole society is supposed to work as a team, not as enemies.  But, today’s society is turning out to be that you can’t trust anybody for anything.  You can’t turn your back for anything anymore without being afraid that somebody is going to turn a gun on you.  It used to be guns we’re only for defense purposes only and for gaining food.  Not for killing the other human counterparts.  Yeah, you can kill people with it but most of the time when you kill people it wouldn’t just because you wanted to get revenge.  It is because they hurt you and you were afraid if you didn’t hurt them back they we’re going to kill you.  That would be self-defense, not murder.  Which wasn’t alright in God’s day and self-defense wasn’t right either but it was more right than killing people and taking one’s  life just because you wanted to.  In the Bible actually it says an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

That would also go the way I read it a life for a life.  But, in self-defense you would be taking their life before they have gotten a chance to take yours.  In the way I read it, that would be alright.  But, I could be totally wrong.  You are allowed to have your opinion, and I am also entitled to my opinion.  It’s still a free country, or is it?  Good question!  Probably a question we will never know the answer to again.  So what I feel right now, is that it will never be a free country again.  When God’s way is being messed up, the way of the truth is being messed up, the way of honesty is being totally way messed up, and that is where we are now.  We need some help.

Will you help me speak out against this?  Or for this?  Whatever way you choose to look at it.  Either way you look at it, I would like to know your thoughts.  By the way I may not respond to your thoughts, but I will post these thoughts you have on my blog.  So be careful on what you put, because other people will see them.  Yes other people will have a chance to rebuttal besides me.  Belive me or not I will rebuttal if I see fit.  If I see an argument, I will rebuttal.  But, if you keep not seeing my point, I will have the right to stop responding to you at anytime I choose to do so.  Which I have done before, I will do it again.  Not to be mean, but just throwing that out there.

I have so much I could say, I don’t know where to stop!  I hate when somebody innocent is killed.  When they are trying to keep the people free.  That’s what the cop’s are doing everyday.  That’s what the soldiers are doing everyday now too.  Don’t get me wrong, being a cop is not a soldier but it really is.  When you have people who want to shoot for stupid reasons, and carry guns for stupid reasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I agree people should have the right to bear arms.  But, they at least should be sensible enough of when and where to use it.  Not to shoot your friend.  But, to protect your life.

Guns are something serious, not a toy!  Guns are not for kids.  But, they are to protect the life of the carrier.  There are still a lot of kids out there that think they are adults.  They think guns are just for play.  They have to be in the right context, to be in the right context they are to protect life and get food.  Not for somebody that’s just playing around on a Sunday afternoon.  It’s alright if your practicing target shooting.  But not just for playing games like seeing who can shoot a hole in theat old couch.  Not for contests such as that, not for contest like seeing who can shoot the biggest deer only if your planning to use it as food.  Not if your planning to use it but just watch the rest of the wild animals eat is such as poachers would.  It’s all about surviing  in my book.  Who can survive out in the wilderness?  Not very many people.  I know this is bad for me to say this, but it’s the honest to God’s truth.  That’s where todays society is going.  Nobody knows how to hunt and gather anymore.  Everybody thinks we can get food when we want it.  Somebody will have to work for that food, it may not be you but somebody is.  God bless you always, Jonathan Lee Craft.


Right out wrong and sickening, this is murder! I can’t believe the judge ruled this way, that just goes out to show you the government is out to kill anybody they can. I am getting really upset when they talk about the handicap and they let this stuff go on. First it should end with abortion now they started this.  Did you hear about the fact that doctors can do assisted suicide in certain states?  First time it’s ever been on the news like it’s been lately.  That should be outlawed too, where did birth to natural death go to?  Anything else but pure accident is murder in my eyes.  Anybody else have any comments, I would like to hear them.  Especially on this!

Springfield crews called to search for boy in Buck Creek

Springfield crews called to search for boy in Buck Creek.

Reading is necessary.  Can we say somebody wasn’t thinking?  In my opinion the uncle should be charged.  It seems like common sense to me but obviously not everybody.  I’m sorry for posting this but read signs and pay attention to them don’t text and drive, don’t read and drive.  Most importand be careful when your doing something with machinery or someone’s life is at stake.  This is why I posted this.  Because I don’t think enough people pay enough attention to their enviroment and sometimes that can get you in trouble like it did in this situation.  Please feel free to comment if you would like to.  I won’t be upset even if it’s a negative post.  I can see why it would be negative.

Too many vaccines……..


This is an article and what it’s saying is outright sick, because I know what many other people know.  They do have an affect.  I think the doctors are just trying to cover it up, or they wouldn’t let you spread them out.  Like some doctors are starting to do, not many but some doctors are starting to do that.  The one’s that care but we are having trouble finding doctors that care about their patients now, excuse me but that’s the truth.  It’s just sickening.

Plugged In: Does Measles Outbreak Change Your Mind About Vaccines?

Does any outbreak change my mind about vaccines, no until science figures out everything that there is to know about vaccines to know, you know they won’t. So no matter what they do or what disease has a breakout you will always know my position on vaccines. If they are delivered one by one and they are dormant thats fine. But if it is a live vaccine then no body would give that to a child. Or if they were all given in one setting then nobody wouldn’ve given them to a child because there is a lot more risk involved if it’s a live vaccine or they are given more than one at a time. This won’t be the end of this discussion on my blog this is just the beginning. So keep following and you will keep learning about vaccinations.


(CNN) — Sixty-eight and counting.

An outbreak of measles in Ohio has infected 68 people, adding to what is already an 18-year high of measles cases in the United States.

That’s disturbing news for health professionals. The contagious infectious disease was considered eliminated in the United States in 2000.

The outbreak in Ohio began with unvaccinated travelers to the Philippines, the state’s Department of Health said Monday.

Philippines is experiencing a very large measles outbreak; at least 20,000 confirmed and suspected cases have been reported in the Asian nation.

California, another state also reporting a high number of measles cases this year, said its outbreak also resulted from people visiting the Philippines.

Visitors may pick up the disease and bring it back to the United States, potentially infecting those who cannot be vaccinated against the measles because they are too young, for example, or who have intentionally remained unvaccinated.


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Front End Loader Slams Into 3 Businesses

Lucky nobody was in this building hopefully they find the fleeing and eluding suspect! Before he steals another vehichle that is his size. That front end loader was obviously not his size! He should’ve never been in it to begin with, what was he thinking? Was he thing I will just go for a joy ride, maybe poke a little hole into somebody’s store and get away with it. Obviously he didn’t know how to poke a little hole because he poked a big hole and he won’t get away with it if they find him. I’m pretty sure they willl find him because i he’s done it once he will do it again or he’s done it in the past. Either way I think he’s going to end up having to do some jail time. What do you think? Please reply.


CLEVELAND – Police are investigating after someone took a front end loader and slammed into the back of three businesses on Lakeshore Blvd.

Officers responded to the scene at 16100 Lakeshore Blvd around 4:00 a.m. and found heavy damage to the rear of Jo Jo’s restaurant, Family Dollar and First American Loan check cashing.

Police said the damage was caused by a front end loader which was stolen from a nearby construction site.

Cleveland Fire, Dominion Gas, the water department, Cleveland Public Power and Inspectors from building and housing are all on the scene to make sure the scene is secure.

Officers have been unable to go into the buildings to determine if anything was stolen because of the instability of the scene.

Police are searching for a suspect.

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Man Tries to Sell Stolen Brains Online, Police Say

Who in their right mind or in their right brain would steal human organs to sell on ebay? Don’t you think the museum should have a better security system or was it an employee that may have worked there? Either way it sounds fishy to me, doesn’t it to you?


[ndn id=25489958]

(CNN) — This was not was your typical undercover sting.

For starters, it was happening at an Indiana Dairy Queen. And the target was brains. Yeah, a brain bandit.

*Click here to read more from our sister station, WXIN

The arrest last month of a 21-year-old suspect uncovered, police say, a macabre scheme to steal the brains of dead mental patients and sell them online. The suspect was peddling some 60 brains. And yes, amazingly there were customers. The arrest in this case also unearthed a few questions. We will try and answer them.

Where did the suspect get 60 brains?

Suspect David Charles allegedly stole more than 60 jars of brain and other human tissues in October from a warehouse space at the Indiana Medical History Museum, the Marion County prosecutor’s office said in court papers Thursday. He is accused of breaking into the museum and taking…

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