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This is something we need to help the rest of the with, normally I wouldn’t say that but when China puts one up everyday it is time we help them get green.  I know it’s not putting as much emissions  out as they say but China some days you have to wear a handkerchief around your mouth and nose to be able to breathe.  That’s how bad the smog is.  The sewers are a different story than we have in the US too.  So what I am telling you is to pray for China, pray for somebody to help them.  All the stuff we buy from them can we not at least help them?  http://www.worldwatch.org/nearly-300-chinese-cities-lack-sewage-treatment This is a problem too that I think we need to help them with.  Stop worrying about the little bit of pollution we put off.  Start helping some of our other countries that help us with our goods.  Stop wasting so much money on fighting.  Put it where it can be used justly instead of stupidly.  I know normally I don’t get on my soapbox, but every once in a while I have to because if nobody does it, it won’t get done.   Pray for me and I will pray for you!  Jon Craft.




Some disheartening news.  I don’t usually put news on here but this is my blog after all and I can put on here what ever I feel like doing.  I don’t mean to sound nasty there but if I offend some people sorry!  But it’s the truth.

Watch out for this!


Watch out for this!  It can especially attack handicap people.  Especially if they have respiratory issues anyway.  But most of you probably already know this.  It could be very severe with a handicap person.  So any symptoms you recognize make sure you get them on a an inhaler or something of that nature.  Again I am not a doctor but I have been there and done that with that respiratory crap an it’s no fun.

Springfield crews called to search for boy in Buck Creek

Springfield crews called to search for boy in Buck Creek.

Reading is necessary.  Can we say somebody wasn’t thinking?  In my opinion the uncle should be charged.  It seems like common sense to me but obviously not everybody.  I’m sorry for posting this but read signs and pay attention to them don’t text and drive, don’t read and drive.  Most importand be careful when your doing something with machinery or someone’s life is at stake.  This is why I posted this.  Because I don’t think enough people pay enough attention to their enviroment and sometimes that can get you in trouble like it did in this situation.  Please feel free to comment if you would like to.  I won’t be upset even if it’s a negative post.  I can see why it would be negative.

Front End Loader Slams Into 3 Businesses

Lucky nobody was in this building hopefully they find the fleeing and eluding suspect! Before he steals another vehichle that is his size. That front end loader was obviously not his size! He should’ve never been in it to begin with, what was he thinking? Was he thing I will just go for a joy ride, maybe poke a little hole into somebody’s store and get away with it. Obviously he didn’t know how to poke a little hole because he poked a big hole and he won’t get away with it if they find him. I’m pretty sure they willl find him because i he’s done it once he will do it again or he’s done it in the past. Either way I think he’s going to end up having to do some jail time. What do you think? Please reply.


CLEVELAND – Police are investigating after someone took a front end loader and slammed into the back of three businesses on Lakeshore Blvd.

Officers responded to the scene at 16100 Lakeshore Blvd around 4:00 a.m. and found heavy damage to the rear of Jo Jo’s restaurant, Family Dollar and First American Loan check cashing.

Police said the damage was caused by a front end loader which was stolen from a nearby construction site.

Cleveland Fire, Dominion Gas, the water department, Cleveland Public Power and Inspectors from building and housing are all on the scene to make sure the scene is secure.

Officers have been unable to go into the buildings to determine if anything was stolen because of the instability of the scene.

Police are searching for a suspect.

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http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/02/24/bible-stops-two-bullets-to-save-life-ohio-bus-driver-police-say/print   Pray for the bus driver.  He is someone my dad went to college with.  He did have some injuries, shot in his leg and a knife wound.  He was able to stab one assailant with his ballpoint pen.  He was able to take the weapons away from the assailants.  Then get away to be treated for his injuries.  I do believe this was God doing a miracle.  Just when I think God doesn’t do miracles anymore, He proves me wrong and pushes one right into my face.   So I cannot miss it.  If I did, I would not have religion in my like at all.  This has changed my life forever.