Gemiini system-to help those with a speech delay

This might work when nothing else will for those with speech difficulties as well as those that seems like you can’t get through to them.  This might break through that brick wall.  At first it might be a little crack in the brick wall but pretty soon it seems like to me that pretty soon it will be a big gaping hole.  If I had this when I was little, I would have probably been communicating before 3 years old.  Yes folks, I’ve been there.  I have not just seen it, I’ve been through it.  I don’t know what I was thinking then but how did they get through to me?  It must have been a small miracle.  Maybe this will be your small miracle.

Information for Parent’s of Children with Disabilities.

Parent’s need to stay involved with their children, not withdraw from their children.  When you have a handicap child, you need to put more effort into a relationship.  I know this can be tough, I know this is a reason for a lot of divorces.  But why make it harder when you should just stay in the same household and work it out.  If you don’t you will have problems supporting two households as well as supporting a handicap child.  When it’s all over a handicap kid to begin with, why not cherish their life?  Instead of tearing their life apart.  You will tear their life apart.  Probably even more than a non handicap child.  Peace be with you.  If I can help you guys in any way, all you have to do is ask.  This is supposed to be an open door policy for all, I won’t judge you or I won’t tell you to what the right or wrong thing to do is.  I will just support you in your endeavors and look up anything you want me to look up.  I have a lot of free time on my hands that you may not.  Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find that one key thing that works for your child.  Just  give me an idea on where to start and that will hopefully lead me on the path of where to go from there.  You have to be ready to be open with me.  Remember I will do everything I can for any of my brothers and sisters in Christ.  God Bless you, hope you have a safe journey on your road of life.  Jonathan Craft.