I am updating you on this situation. He has been transferred to The James Center in Columbus and as far as I know he is still on the ventilator. This is what I hope does happen. I hope they do a bronchoscopy to see what is actually down in his lungs. I’m hoping this doesn’t have to happen. I hope they don’t have to do a trach but odds are if they haven’t already if he stays on the respirator through the weekend they will probably do it. They will probably do the trach first thing Monday morning but my prayer is they are already trying to get him off the respirator. Then again I don’t know how else they’re going to get the stuff out of his lungs. What really needs to happen is an honest to goodness miracle and his family has seen several miracles and I hope it is in god’s will that I will see him fully recovered from all of this. Not just the ventilator but the cancer too. I know this is a long shot but with god anything is possible. As you can tell I am very passionate about this family because they help make people feel like they really are people. Even when they have a disability. In fact, they reach out to so many people it is a shame that this has to happen to them. That is why I wish them the best outcome. No matter what that is. Even though I wish what I wrote up above would happen for them. I wish the best outcome for the current situation. No matter what that may be. If he can’t be the same person he was before this all happened. I don’t want to see him suffer a long and painful recovery if he can’t be the same person he was. I know it would be hard on all his living family but they will get through it. And they will eventually understand it if he does go up to live with his youngest daughter.

Tonight my family friend that is like a second father to me was diagnosed. I just found out tonight but he found out on Friday.  He has one of the rarest of the rare lung cancers. They thought he just had pneumonia but after the CAT scan he became aware of lung cancer and that’s not the only thing they were made aware of. His air passageway is no bigger than a straw so needless to say he is on a respirator now just so they can protect that airway. He is being taken to Columbus as soon as they have an open bed. Prayers are needed not just for him but for all the family surrounding him myself included. I am taking it hard. I know that all we can do is pray and put it in gods hands. But as you probably all know once you put something in gods hands it can be hard to leave it in gods hands. I am also asking you to put him on all the prayer chains you can think of. I will be putting him on the holy rosary prayer chain tomorrow. I love you guys as my own family.


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