My thought for today

A lot of people think when a person commits suicide they go straight to hell and that’s not true. Because the criteria to go to hell changed my thinking, because a person has to be in there right mind when they do a certain act. And my thinking is a person can’t be in their right mind at all when they commit suicide. I believe they are temporarily insane. And when you commit suicide and you are temporarily insane you do not meet the criteria of a mortal sin which sends you to hell. The three criteria for a mortal sin which sends you to hell are….1.  It is a gravely wrong action, 2. The person knew it was gravely wrong, and 3. The person did so out of free will. This is something I received during mass. Now I don’t know exactly where it came from, but I think the word was truly alive and it proved to me it was the living word as I always knew it was. I love you all


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