Everybody’s life is constantly changes

Even though sometimes  were not ready for our lives to change. We have to be aware that it is constantly changing. Even though we are not always consciously aware of it. We have to be ready for almost anything to happen to us. It can be for the worst or for the better, but we have to be aware our life can change in a moment. Notice how I love all of you. I hope you look at this and what I write on a daily basis because  I try to be on here everyday. On weekends its very hard however. My life is changing so that I can do it most weekends. Honestly I honestly feel better when I do it. I always try to be positive when I am doing a blog. Because I know what I am feeling resonates off the page and I don’t want this page to be negative. But what would help me the most is people giving me feedback and possibly subjects to write about. I know you will have to get a login but if your committed to me you will do that to help me or you can go to my Facebook and type in @Joncraft84 and that should be it… I Love You people that take the time to read my blog but I really need some feedback from you. Love your brother in Christ Jon


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