Hello Folks

I’ve been seeing this world change and Scientist thinks it is because of a global warming, but I disagree. God is trying  to get our attention. If you don’t pay attention you will continue on a road. I don’t know what that road is for you, but I know most people are out to get what they can for themselves. And that is not what our Creator wants us to do. He wants us to help one another when people need help. I am going to put what I am about to say as nice as I possibly can. I don’t think technology is always the best thing for us, I know sometimes technology has to be used, however not all technology needs to be used. I think we need to go back to they way our ancestors did things. Live off  this great land that God has given to us and trust it everyday. Because when you look back now no cancer was killing people nor Aids or drugs. Things were killing people that we have cures for now. Cancer was unheard of, so that tells me it was man-made from something from the environment. We don’t know how to cure or get rid of it, so it a pandemic. Doctors don’t know how to cure it, but I believe anything is curable with God. And I do think cancer is a fungus that we cannot figure out how to get out of our bodies. Some success has been made towards a cure, but the key issue is communication. In the pharmaceutical industry it is a big money-maker and they don’t want to give that industry up. Furthermore they don’t care about people. They should care about them, because without them they wouldn’t have a reason to be in business. Therefore a lot of people would lose their jobs. What I think needs to happen is the people with the cure for cancer should come out with their findings already. But I know that won’t happen because pharmaceutical companies are making too much money on the drugs which I think probably is why the reason people are dying. And this makes me very upset as you can tell. The more we live off the Land the less likely we are to Die. Help other people so we all can survive. Listen to what our Creator wants us to do instead of the Media and the Doctors. People will start living a better life with God in mind and therefore the whole world will start to change back to what our Creator wants it to be. I’m not saying this is all that needs to be changed but this is a big start.  Your brother in Christ Jonathan Craft     PS doctors needs to be listened to, however patients need to take back control of their care. Quit letting doctors think their God, because they are just fleshly human beings just like you and I.


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