A personal problem that I have is not interfering when it’s god’s plan it’s going to happen no matter what. When we try to interfere he just laughs at us and I feel like if it’s something we can control he’ll let us have complete control of it. If it’s not something we can control we might as well say it’s in your hands lord. Not dwell on it or worry about it. That’s what I’ve been saying lately is don’t dwell on the future and don’t look back on what you could have done differently. I say you just live for the moment because you never know how many hours or days or weeks you have left. You only have just right right this second. So make the best of it. I know for a handicapped person that’s not always easy to do but it’s not easy for anybody.  So therefore handicapped people are not any different on the inside than any other person. They may not be able to voice their opinion but or do several other things but they’re still human beings. There is still a life in their body.

So I kind of hate the idea of euthanasia because that whole concept downgrades how we were created by god. Only he can take away a life. He is the only that can take a life. He is the only one who can decide when and how we are born. Yes people can influence and change that. Doctors actions and mother’s actions can influence that greatly but god is ultimately our creator. I know I haven’t been personal in a long time but this has been something that has been trying to come out of me for a long time. I just kept putting it off and putting it off. It’s just been something that has been nagging at me and nagging at me so here it is.

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