Addiction can start as a small thing

Addiction to Adoption: From the clutches of porn to the reality of sonship. (An excerpt from my upcoming book)

Addiction can start as a small thing and end up a big thing especially if you try to hide it.  Children of addicts are at a greater risk of becoming addicts themselves. It does not have  to be the same addiction it might be another type of addiction. I myself am talking about the addiction to alcohol.

The link above talks about an addiction to pornography, which is easy for kids to get ahold of. So what I’m trying to tell you is, if you are a parent you need to use parental controls to block the access of pornography  from your kids. Even when they are searching for something not related to pornography it can still show up. If it would show up your child might be tempted to look. I’m not trying to be rude but we have all been kids ourselves, we know what temptation is. We know how hard it is to overlook or overcome that temptation.  So if you just do that one simple act of blocking what you think is inappropriate it may slow down or stop the temptation so it is not an issue. I know it is worth the time.

Your brother in Christ,



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