What I think Christians should do.

Christians should not be afraid to help people no matter what their consequences are, if it is the right thing to do, it is the right thing to do. No matter if they are going to get in trouble for it or not. We should do the right thing to do by God because after all he is our creator, he is the one judging us. He is the one with our true paycheck at the end especially if we are going to save a life. Any punishment is worth that because after all you will be punished by God, you will be rewarded by him. If you don’t do it you may be punished by God, who knows it might be eternity.

This is totally off the subject of one thing I didn’t realize, the think I didn’t realize I knew it but I didn’t truly comprehend was God lives outside of time. So everything we do is like putting him on the cross again. And it also for that matter, he can go back in time and save people from purgatory or hell. Sometimes we just have to say the Divine Mercy for that person, and he will show his Divine Mercy over that person and they will be lucky enough to go to Heaven, if they are not in Heaven already. We do not know who is in Heaven and who is not. God is the only person that knows that, we don’t totally understand how that works and we shouldn’t have to but we want to. We shouldn’t dwell on it either if we truly believe in Christ we didn’t dwell on it. Also if we truly believe in Christ, like so many people say they do our churches should truly be packed on Sunday. And I mean every Mass we offer and for that matter our weekly masses should be like our Sunday Masses are now. All the front pews should be full on Sunday every seat should be full. Some of the ushers should have to go down and get more seats, if we showed up to Mass like we should as we believe in Christ. That should be the way it should go.

Your Loving Brother in Christ,



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