True Comfort For the Storm

Sometimes it is hard to be a true disciple, but that is what I am trying to be. I think this writer is going through the same battle I am going through. He knows which way he has to go but he isn’t quiet sure which way to do it. Sometimes the hardest to do is the right thing to do, but it can be the most rewarding thing to do too. Peace be with you, as always I will pray for you. Will you chose to pray for me, thanks Jonathan.

The Next Right Step

Winston-Churchill-and-the-TroopsBy Charlie Johnston

I know people are edgy and need comfort now. The turmoil throughout the world has gotten so bad that only the most vainly self-absorbed and ambitious can ignore it. The stark division in families has become so great that it distracts some from how bad the world has become in their puzzled grief over how divided their family has become.

We have badly mangled the glorious liberty God bequeathed us through the many heroes who sacrificed, who lived lives of true martyrdom, that we might be free to love and serve God by loving and serving each other. This is what we have sown. Now we see, once again, what it reaps. Some are so captive to the feeding frenzy of their self-absorbed ambition they cannot see tragedy and chaos in any light except how they can manipulate it to make themselves seem more important without absorbing…

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