Stormy Transition

It is going to be necessary to work in the new society or we are not going to survive, it will be survival of the fittest. I don’t mean just physical, I mean mental too. So don’t worry if you aren’t physically capable of not doing anything, you just have to be able to direct people on what to do and be able to be a prayer warrior. Because after all this is a world made for Christ by Christ. It is finally getting to the point where he wants nothing to do with how it is turning out. There are only a few thousand people that are doing what he wants them to do in this society, that is worshipping and praying to him.

The Next Right Step

wagon-platte-river-pioneers-hopkinson-153760-print(Some readers have spoken of my “proposed” rules of regency. It has sparked a vigorous – and somewhat useful – debate here. It is useful because after the Rescue is complete, people will have to decide how to govern themselves on a long-term basis. It is only somewhat, though, because it has obscured the main focus here. I am proposing nothing. Rather, I am informing you of how it will be during the period of Regency as we enter into Restoration after this broken culture finishes its collapse.

Periods of transition are tough. If you move from one house to another, you were comfortable in the first house, will be comfortable in the next, but the moving from one to the other can be chaotic and is always stressful. We are in a big period of transition right now.

I will write more on that this weekend, then put up…

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