Don’t Flail Away at the Branches, Get to the Root

This person, has it all right. We shouldn’t be focused on how it ends to be focused on how to change it. We need to give people ideas on how to change it instead of focusing on how it is. Because if we just focus on how it is, we are never going to get it changed. We need to get it changed before the whole world crashes on itself. Not just the Catholic Church but the whole world. I believe the Catholic Church will go last, but I don’t know so we better be on our toes, we better be watching the pitcher and the batter at all times just like at a baseball game. We better keep our heads up and be aware of our surrounding at all times and keep reading and following everyone that makes sense to us. Your Loving Brother in Christ, Jon.

The Next Right Step

irresistable forceBy Charlie Johnston

When I wrote the second installment of the “Rules of Regency,” I seriously pondered softening my description of what government work is. In the end, I only softened it by noting that some parasites are beneficial, even necessary, in symbiotic biological systems, but that a profusion of parasites, even of the beneficent kind, ultimately kills the host. I left it pretty stark because a little shock can be useful to provoke new lines of thinking; to get out of ruts we unconsciously get stuck in. It was entirely true and reflects my thinking on the matter, but I wanted to see what type of response I would get from readers to gauge how well I am getting across the concept of a dramatically different framework of thinking. The results gave me more optimism than I actually expected, but there are three areas where I encourage you…

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