Rules of Regency – Part II

A good read, must read. Do read please.

The Next Right Step

dawn space(The coordinators for my upcoming visits to Omaha, Houston, and Dallas need volunteers to help them prepare. If you live in one of these areas and want to help, contact my volunteer assistant, Mary, at Meantime, we have volunteers for the New Orleans area, but no coordinator. Unfortunately, if no coordinator steps up, my meetings there will all be private.-CJ)

By Charlie Johnston

Following is Part II of the Rules of Regency. You can see Part I here. It is, of course, America-centric, as I am an America and that is where I can have the most immediate impact. It is also, however, a template for any country which seeks to restore a harmonious social order. Some adjustments would have to be made for various local cultures, but the big principles are universal.


The American system was set up to make the government accountable to the American people…

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