Crosses in the Year of Mercy

This is so true, we are so self centered on ourselves that we sometimes forget the true reason why we are here. We are here to serve the Lord not just to serve ourselves. We have to remember that or this whole world is going to end up going up in flames, not literally a fire. God is not going to let us continue to do this without punishing us.

The Next Right Step

divine_mercy_cross_10_in__59643_zoom(I am criss-crossing between a Conference and another Prayer Meeting this weekend. Those of you who have complained that I am overdue for the second installment of the Rules of Regency are now completely right. I get home late tomorrow afternoon. If I am worn out, I won’t put it up tomorrow. But Job One on Monday will be to get that up. Except for attending morning Mass, I will do nothing else before I have finished and posted that piece.

In the comments section, I have started getting some notes from Islamic apologists, explaining that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no violence in it. I have deleted them thus far. If you want to make a case on how Jihadists are mutilating Islam, I will be glad to print it. Even better, if you decide to offer real discussion of how to stop the violence…

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