This is one of the only places that I could find online that makes outdoor Rosaries. If you live in Ohio, you give the guy your zip code and he will give you a better cost of shipping charges. I would suggest you do that in your first email, that way you can skip a step. I have been looking at these for a while, and I always wondered where to get one and how to get one. I thought it was just a deal you ordered out of a magazine, I myself am not a magazine type of person. So if you are like me, you would be completely lost on not knowing were to go. But, this guy is very reasonably priced and he only takes cash or money order. Just another weapon to have in our arsenal when the war comes. I know it’s not like a normal rosary to begin with, but God always says to wear your faith on the outside- don’t be afraid to share it or show it. I have kind of been slacking on that a lot, something this past weekend got me enthuses, where I need to go out and spread the Lord’s holy gospel. I won’t be afraid to tell anybody if I think they are doing something wrong if it is going to cost them to sin over and over again. I know I am guilty of that too, but I am trying to work on it. As I said before, the door is always open if somebody needs to talk. I don’t want to see anybody do anything stupid, in fact I don’t want to see anybody do anything stupid if I can help it and that includes taking your own life or abortion. Really nothing is going to surprise me, just know people that you can always be open with me. It only takes a few seconds to get an account if that is holding you up. I started this so that I could help people, not just so that I could post. I want to help people get physically healthy again as well as possibly mentally.


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