Learn About The Annoying Love of God with Ryan Holladay

It all boils down to we have to pay attention to our God even though we don’t think that he is paying attention to us, and by that I mean sit down and take some time out of your day and pray and believe me you will see your life change dramatically. You will see help where you didn’t think you needed help to begin with. You will also become aware of problems you didn’t think you knew you had. But God will give you grace to overcome those problems just like he did the rest of them. Sometimes it may not be in your time, it may be done in his time. But it will all work out, if you just give it to God. Sometimes that is hard and sometimes it is very easy. We don’t know if it will be hard or easy until we try. I bet it will be easier than you think.

Love your Brother in Christ,




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