Consecration Explained

This is a good thing to do, I am in my fourth and final week. It sounds crazy at first, but I look at it as Mary is our Mother.  So with her graces our prayers can be cleaned up and put on a platter that she will turn in to Jesus on our behalf and it may even be a golden platter. I would recommend the book but not the workbook. If you are really serious and want to spend a lot of time on it, which Mary would want you to do because the more serious you are the more serious you are, you can get the workbook. But, the workbook has a lot of questions that you may not understand and it may confuse you. It has confused me a couple of times. But, a lot of people say this is a direct way to sainthood.W all  want to become saints, don’t we?  If you can get a group together, it is easier to do it as a group. I don’t know how much the video costs but if you are working in a big enough group the video may be a great access to have. The video actually has the author talking about each week in more detail, and he explains it more. As I said this is a great asset to my spiritual life and it has already changed my outlook on life. I think it will continue to change my life until I pass on because I never knew how far I was away from Jesus until I started this program. You may think that is what everybody says when they start any program that deals with Jesus. But, I think you can never get close enough to Jesus. Every program no matter what it is about Jesus.If you put your whole heart and soul into it, you will find you will get closer to Jesus just by design.


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