The Story of Kyle

I just want to tell you if you are thinking about doing something harmful to yourself, things will get better. You are not only hurting yourself, I know you may think it is the only way out but it’s not! One way out that you may not see right now is talking to friends and family, maybe even a counselor. I know your friends and family may be your least favorite person on earth right now but they really do care about you and they would be lost if you did something to harm yourself. Committing suicide may trigger an ongoing loop that you won’t see but it will be there. You may cause some other people to do the same thing you are doing.

For those of you that think you see a suicidal person, if at all possible get them to talk to you maybe even some other professional help as well. Because I believe that talking out your problems is the main key to depression which is the main link to suicidal tendencies. I have a feeling that this person  has saved a ton of lifes. If you are afraid of doing this, talk to God about it first before doing the big plunge. Because God is not the enemy, God is like a big hero. If you call on God, he will make sure everything goes the way he has planned it to go. It may not be what you planned, but it will be the ultimate plan because it will be the creator’s plan that gets this person some help, or you some help, or maybe even both of you. I have no clue what your situation is. Put God in your life and nothing will go astray.

Your Brother in Christ,


PS, the door is always open if you feel the need to talk!



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