The Lord is Good

The Lord is good, why doesn’t everybody see that? One saying I like is from Shawshank Redemption: it’s kind of a morbid saying, but it’s true. It is, “you can either get busy living, or get busy dying”. To tell you the truth, I choose living. I bet a lot of you choose living as well. I have had my spirit renewed and jarred in the last week back to life. Everyone needs prayers, but there are a few prayers I would like to stress.  I ask for prayers for the beaten and battered women, that they may get out of their current situation safely and securely.  I ask for prayers for the children that are also in the above situation or a similar situation. I also ask for prayers for all of those struggling in school right now to get a good grade on their finals, I pray that they pass with whatever grade they need to finish the course. All of this ask, in Jesus Christ our Savior.


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